Integrative Nursing Services

Home Care

Aplus offers a very skilled and personable team to provide the following activities to choose from: gentle movement and touch daily to alleviate pain …read more

Integrative Nurse Coaching

INC is a skilled, purposeful, results-oriented and relationship centered approach to wellness. Facilitated by a Registered Nurse for the purpose of promoting the health and well being of the whole person…read more

Bodies By Design Classes

These classes are focused on self care. An introduction of the Trager® Approach is offered along with communication, centering practice and you will leave with new tools you can share with friends and family…read more

“Judy’s Trager techniques brought me instant relief from years of chronic pain. Her Wellness Coaching is teaching me ways to do things for myself to heal my pain and lack of mobility with great results! I thought I would have to live in pain the rest of my life but her kindness, sensitivity, and knowledgeable techniques have given me relief and hope for a much better future.”  Val S., artist, musician. November 24, 2011