Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition




As a nurse coach and educator, I promise to help you  care for your body, in a way that is  supportive of your current lifestyle. The results you can expect are: freedom from pain, more flexibility, more joy and happiness, better relationships and finding yourself loving your job again! Having the shape and tone you have desired is possible.  I have been trained in Functional Nutrition and offer 4 week coaching groups beginning in 2019.   This year I celebrate 30 years as a nurse. It has been and continues to be a fantastic journey. I trust yours is as amazing as mine has been! I am a Board Certified Nurse Coach and Advanced Holistic Nurse. 

As a nurse leader, I envision a health care system that promotes health and prevents chronic illness.  Research is telling us that 80% of chronic illness is related to stress and poor nutrition. Prevention is the key to good health. You have the innate capability of healing yourself through proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy relationships.  The sooner you get started the better! But even advanced conditions such as obesity,cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer disease is being reversed with proper nutrition, exercise and social interactions.  I am actively involved in changing the health care system by introducing nurses to holism and integrative practices as a co-chapter leader of the American Holistic Nurses Association. I also use complementary alternative interventions in all my interactions with my clients. I am affiliated with the Nurses for a Healthy Environment (AHNE) and the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA).

As a member of TragerĀ® International, I have been a Trager practitioner since 1997. In addition, I organize classes, lead Trager Introductory Workshops and Supervised Practice Days, 3 hour to 3 day Mentastics Movement classes, and have provided coaching and mentoring to new Trager students. I love helping new practitioners build their practices!  Read more about this approach under the services tab.

As a Mother and Grandmother, I have raised a family and many gardens. My 3 daughters, 4 step-sons and 7 grandchildren keep me young!

As a Human Being,  I share my passion about our planet through the art of songwriting and music, organize and participate in Earth Day Events and pay attention to Social Justice issues. You may find me in an occasional march! My songs express my worldview and are available on quite a few of these pages.  If you want a CD, let me know!