As a nurse coach and educator, I promise to help you remember how to care for your body, in a way that is preventive and supportive of your current lifestyle. This could mean freedom from pain to freedom and success in work and relationships, or just gaining confidence in movement, endurance and weight control through toning. This year I celebrate 25 years as a nurse. It has been and continues to be a fantastic journey. I trust yours is as amazing as mine has been!

As a nurse leader, I envision a health care system that is based on Self Care. Prevention is the key to good health. You have the innate capability of healing yourself through proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy relationships.

As a member of Trager® International, I have been a Trager practitioner since 1997. In addition, I lead Trager Introductory Workshops, 3 hour to 3 day Movement classes, and have provided coaching and mentoring to new Trager students. I love helping new practitioners build their practices!

As a Mother and Grandmother, I have raised a family and many gardens. My 7 grandchildren keep me young!

As a Human Being, I am affiliated with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environment; Simply Living;  and Hidden Lakes Eco Group organizer. I share my passion about our planet through the art of songwriting and music.