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Self Care is Health Care

Spring Equinox March 21

Winter was a time of inner reflection for many.  As we move in to spring, we have hints of warmer weather and begin to get outdoors.  The swans in the picture are reflective of our own inner beauty and confidence, and they love the cold!  If we feel good about ourselves, the solitude of winter may refresh and nourish us.  If our thoughts turn toward self doubt, winters can be miserable.  Colds and flu make the situation worse!

According to Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speaks, swans represent awakening the true beauty and power of the self.  Swans live to be 80 years old!  They mate for life and have very sensitive beaks that are use as feelers through the water as they hunt for food sources. The term swan's song came from a Grecian belief that the swan sang its most beautiful song at the end of their life.  for me, this means as I get older, I get better! I live the dream, and am confident and powerful in all that I am.

Setting short and long term goals guide us toward our desires.  Not superficial desires, but human desires of belonging, love, connection, intimacy, and fulfillment.  Self doubt can be a distraction and lead to indulging in short term desires that can be dangerous. Addiction is one way this is expressed.  Self doubt is critical to a healthy self.  We do need to question our choices, our decision, but self doubt out of balance will lead to a blocking of what we really need.

With every negative aspect of life there is a positive.  Appreciate and love the YOU that is creating this life. If you are unhappy, have an honest talk with yourself, and seek what you truly want. That can be difficult.  It takes courage to be honest.  You may need some support from someone you really trust.  

Nurses continue to be rated as the most trusted profession   (See 2018 Gallup poll).  Nurse coaches can make a difference in your life, if you do not have that special someone you trust to change old patterns.