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Self Care is Health Care

Moving Medicine

The word "Medicine", is a word that has weight.  The definition is three fold: the science and practice of diagnostics, treating and preventing disease; a substance used for treatment. Indigenous persons thought medicine was a spell, charm or fetish believed to have healing or protective power.  The original word has Latin origins:  "medicus" and meant physician.

Today we know medicine to be prescribed, over the counter,  preventive, integrative, laughter, food and self care. The words in this short list could all be termed as "good medicine" for us. The term is unlimited depending on our interpretation and personal healing experiences.  There is current research to support all of these approaches to healing.  The truth is, we need a variety of modalities to live well and stay well today.

I am using the term "Moving Medicine" for a series of workshops I developed.  I use the term to describe how engaging in movement consciously can have a healing effect.  This is the essence of many current approaches to health.  Eastern disciplines have long known regular movement practices were needed for healing.  In India, the Ayurvedic system of medicine includes Yoga.  Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes the use of ChiGong for health

Moving Medicine is also title of a book you may want to read. It is a biography of Dr. Milton Trager, M.D. , by Jack Lisken.  TThe book reveals the personal, inner process of Milton Trager as he overcame his own  physical and mental limitations.  The introductory workshop classes I created will help you overcome your own.  Being attentive to our bodies as we move reveals holding patterns and this causes wasted energy as well as chronic pain.  Each workshop is designed to create freedom and lightness in the body, and the mind. After all, there is no separation!

What is your best medicine? What has worked best for me over the past 40 years is a combination of many things at different times.  I do not take prescribed medicine, I do not need it. I would if I thought it would help, but currently I am much healthier than I have ever been.  That is saying a lot as I age gracefully.