Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

Supple or stone-like body?


There is something to be said for a strong body, but are you also able to relax and be resilient to stress?  This summer is my 3rd year rowing, and each year I am amazed at the changes in my physique, endurance and improved health: body and mnd! I feel younger every year!

I spend time both strengthening and relaxing through simple contemplative time as I sit on my patio and enjoy the trees in the breeze, swimming, rowing, being in nature and eating less and less often,  and my world is shifting  I am appreciating the ebb and flow of change.  Resiliency is gained by self care activities, when I can completely let go of the schedule and find new ways to be creative as we live my busy life.

How do you cope with stress?  Food, drink, friends  or do you exercise?  There are many ways to cope, and the sooner we notice we are stressed the better! First we must learn to recognize the early signs of stress in our body.  Once we recognize and become aware of our particular signals that we are stressed, we can change it. 

For examples, my own personal signals: I may become aware of a constriction in my throat, and my voice becomes strained.  I can easily intervene at this point, if I catch it, and reverse the stress with a few deep breaths and self reflection.. For higher levels of stress, I may find myself bumping into or dropping things, moving too quickly and cussing under my breath.  If I am aware of these things and I can take action at this point, either with physical exercise, or a talk with someone, I may be able to interrupt and relieve my stress.  Beyond this, long term stress may cause me to withdraw from others, become ill, and not be motivated to take care of myself.  Finally, my body got my attention, and I am alone, in bed, feeling bed...at rest!  Our bodies try to get our attention do not lie! What are your own personal signals?

We have a miraculous autonomic nervous system that handles stress for us...up to a point.  Short-term stress is modified by the hormone cortisol.  When longer periods of stress occur, the high levels of cortisol cause inflammation.

I am a nurse coach who helps you crease what you desire, learn to use food as energy for healing and utilize the Trager approach for deep relaxation to mitigate the stress response.  Your body can be supple, flexible and more fluid with only one 30 minute session. With regular sessions, you will heal from unconscious holding patters that may be keeping you from your soft supple body and the ability to manifest your dreams.

Love your body! Self care is health care!

Judith Fasone