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The Amazon is Burning!

I am intimately connected with the AMAZON, and so are you! All of our trees are precious, and even though South America seems far away, it’s life depends on us. I visited the Amazon in Ecuador for the second time in March, 2020. I am a board member of https://FriendsofVidaSinFronterasusa.org and our mission is to preserve the indigenous tribes home and health (our vision in a nutshell). The government there is not always governing all the people, but play favorites to those with profits in mind.

China has built roads and dams under the guise of help for the country’s infrastructure and income, but has left many projects derelict and decaying. The roads however give them a way to haul their trash into the forest, thinking that it will never be seen again. They are buying up the land to dump their trash. Other big corporations are buying the forest to raze the ground for farming…thus the burning. The quickest way to deforest is to burn. Burn so crops can be planted to be sold, not to the locals, but for profit.

The rivers are polluted with mining and oil extraction, and there are pockets of tribal People living amidst this assault. No one is innocent. We purchase and consume…a change is needed, but where do we start?

Our board is committed to education, and fund raising for the efforts of those closer to this area. We are hosting our first event at REI in Dublin on November 14th. Go to REI.com to register. It is a free event. https://www.facebook.com/events/rei/rei-travelogue-an-artists-view-of-the-amazon/1307417369440456/

Judith Fasone