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Self Care is Health Care

Food is Energy

I love this picture, the wind turbine above the sunflowers. Both excellent examples and symbols of energy, In the Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, Thom Hartmann, teaches us to wake up to personal and global transformation. According to the author, ancient sunlight is compressed over millions of years into “black gold”. This is the precious resource in our oil fields, and when these resources are gone, they cannot be replaced. Sunlight is much easier and healthier to capture to create an energy source. Solar panels are lowering in price, and there is enough energy in one day from the sun to energize the entire world with it’s current habits! This fact is on Al Gore’s video “A Case for Optimism”. Sunlight gives us life through the process of photosynthesis using chlorophyll to invent edible plants! What a miracle that is!

If we think of food as energy in our bodies, it might explain why we either don’t have enough or have too much (energy, that is). Are there days where you just do not feel like yourself, no energy, depressed, low motivation? And other days where you are pumped up, can’t sit still and have restless legs? If this happens frequently, you will most likely have a condition, or may even have been diagnosed with a disease process. If it is only a temporary condition, you may be able to pull yourself back from the brink of a diagnosis by MAKING BETTER FOOD CHOICES! Yes, our INPUT of food ENERGY is equal to our OUTPUT of ENERGY for our lives. This is of course putting it simply, but mull it over, and let me know what you think! If you are not getting the right type and amount of energy for your daily life, you will feel tired and lack motivation. Pay some attention to the type and amount (too salty, too sweet? too much, not enough?) of food that is called your daily intake, and adjust according to how you are feeling.

Judith Fasone