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Food is Information: what are you being told?

Functional Medicine is all about getting to the ROOT of the problem of our health. Functional Nutrition is one way to see direct results, quickly. The 3 foods that give humans the most trouble are refined sugar, dairy and gluten. If you are in the midst of an inflammatory condition, temporary or chronic, consider staying away from these food products a period of time. Even just one day may show some improvement in your symptoms. If you can manage to eliminate them for 3-4 weeks, your body will really thank you. And , when you re-introduce them into your diet, you will know for sure which one is the culprit for your poor health.

Elimination food plans are part of the Functional Nutrition Approach. There are so many choices for eating healthfully, and yet the 10% of foods that do not agree with us, are so embedded into our social and cultural patterns, they are difficult to let go. You could say they were addictive! In fact, did you know that gluten (Glutein) and dairy (Casein) has a morphine like substance that has the same “feel good” sensations as chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) that attaches to the pleasure centers in the brain? These are called gluteomorphin and caseomorphin respectively.

Well, these do make us feel good, but so do many other healthy activities! Why not learn to be mindful and know that we have choices in every moment…in fact every time we open our mouth to eat, or speak! I have an elimination food plan that I have been using in my Functional Nutrition groups. Let me know if you would like more info. For starters, drop refined sugars, gluten products and dairy from you current habits and let me know what happens. If you can manage to eliminate them for 3 weeks, give me a shout out and I will send you a tracking sheet for reintroducing foods


Judith Fasone