Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

Food is Connection

We had our first class for April’s Functional Nutrition series at the Reiki Center in Columbus, Ohio last night, and there is still time to get involved. Here are the highlights:

Functional Medicine is focused on holistic and integrative approaches, and nutrition is one aspect that deserves and yes, DEMANDS our attention. Food is considered medicine, and it can harm as well as help us!

According to Functional Nutrition principles:

  • Food is Connection

  • Food is Information

  • Food is Energy

  • Food is: Medicine

What do these 4 ideas mean to you?

The people of the Amazon have a direct connection or relationship to the earth. This Siena woman planted,dug, peeled, grated, squeezed the water out and created a hot fire in which to cook the flat bread for her family. This is CONNECTION! How can you regain connection to your daily food intake?

Judith Fasone