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Grace Space

In the course of a day, I find moments to take a pause from thought and action. It only takes a moment to become fully present. My life is filled to the brim with wonderful events including family, friends, creative expression of music and poetry, traveling, spending time in nature, cooking and sharing my life with my community. I am especially grateful that I have the time to pause and reflect on my day, in between activities. This is a learned behavior. Since my private practice consists of helping my clients to slow down and listen, I deepen this practice as well.

This morning, while taking a walk, two friends and I saw a Black Headed Blue Warbler. It was not afraid of us. We had quietly approached the area, and in our silence I noticed the bird, on a tree trunk about 4 feet away from us. Apparently, the male of this species is easily approachable according to the Ohio Birds book I own,.We were able to photograph it, and bask in its iridescence. For a few minutes, time was suspended, and wonder and awe became the focus and the feeling.

This is what I would call a GRACE SPACE; a natural event, unplanned, one that inspires awe and wonder. No words are needed. Instead , in the silence our perceptive abilities of the world around us grow. I enjoy these moments of grace, and the more we notice them, the more they will happen. Notice and share your experience of grace space, and the occurrences will increase throughout your day.

Judith Fasone