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Becoming Soul Oriented

In another post I said: “ we are so goal oriented, we forget to be Soul oriented!” There are many thoughts about the existence (or not) of a Soul, but here is my understanding at this time.

Happiness may be a signal that we are doing the work of the Soul, and from my limited experience, humans find happiness when our Soul is doing what we are here to do. In my case, I am really happy in nature, when I interact with others, or when I use my hands and heart to relieve clients, friends and family from pain and suffering. I feel alive when I complete a song or poem, plant a garden, engage in growing something, or encouraging someone. Whenever I am in the process of creating art, or observing the beauty of the moment, I feel I have stepped into something greater than myself, that may be my Soul self.

To be more soul-oriented, may mean that the bigger work of my life is in consideration, rather than setting a goal for the day or a year. Daily goals are steps toward Soul work because they arise from desire. And our deeper desires are also important to consider. They arise when we find ourselves stuck in boredom, or have some physical or emotional event that is unpleasant. IS this the life I want? What is a life? What can I contribute? What truly makes my heart sing? What do I want? These soulful questions help me to dive deeper into satisfaction and happiness. When I follow the inquiry, I become more engaged in my life.

When I empty my mind, my Soul has a moment to rest and come forward or shine through. Sitting quietly in the woods, or on the patio, looking at a tree sway in the breeze. Then an inner impulse arises, to seek, to question, to be in awe. I listen and I respond. I feel fortunate to have choice and the free will to live my life. I have the privilege of having all my needs met, and so I also have a responsibility to contribute to the Greater Good. (I always thought God was misspelled God=Good)

Daily, the world around us is chaotic, fearful and suffering is present. I am aware, but do not spend much time here. I limit my intake of news as I limit my intake of sugar. It weakens me. I help where I can, and I lean toward beauty, nature, music, sunlight, clouds…nameless things that clear my mind and fill my…Soul. I know I can choose how I spend my time, what I ingest and how I react to my world. I take full responsibilities for my actions, I am accountable and engaged with others. I also know i am still a novice, learning everyday about happiness and being Soul oriented.

Judith Fasone