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Moving Medicine Class Series

This series of classes will enhance and empower you to find and enjoy greater ease and pleasure in your life and your body. The Moving Medicine Series begins on June 30. Those have attended other classes have been pleasantly often feel like they have had a 5 hour Trager session for the price of one.

Moving Medicine: Living Pain Free 6/30/19 12-6

Yes, you can! If you lose sleep from pain, are limited in your activities in any way because of pain, the Trager Approach can help. Being gentler and more conscious with our movement on a daily basis may help you find your individual path to freedom from pain. Moving Medicine is the art or science of restoring or preserving health using movement. 

The Trager approach, founded by Dr. Milton Trager, was ahead of its' time. Science has now explained how it works: Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment (wikipedia). Our mind creates these compensation patterns because we want to avoid the pain. The muscles become tighter to support the avoidance of pain, fascia wraps around the newly organized compensation to protect us. When the initial injury has sufficiently healed, the compensation pattern may remain. Over time, this may create other problems in the body. Luckily, neuroplasticity also means we can reverse those pattern to regain full function again. The pattern is released through mindful, gentle movements generated by impulses within you. All of these actions are simultaneously occurring in a Trager session or movement class AND I will teach you to do these things for yourself..

This introductory workshop is one of 6 monthly classes to help you enjoy your body and your life more. It also meets one of the requirements to enter into the Trager Certification program. Register on line at theReikiCenter.net or call 614-488-8323 for more information on this class and the class series. You can also contact me!
All are welcome! No experience is needed. The focus is on self care. If you are a nurse or an LMT, I can offer you continuing education credits. See you there!

Upcoming Classes are monthly at the Reiki Center (except 8/3/19):

7/29/19 Trager First Aid: healing new and old injuries

8/3/19 Trager First Aid: this one is in North Royalton, OH, near Cleveland. Let me know if you would like to carpool from Columbus with me. I will be returning the same day. The Purple Skies Homestead is a beautiful home, organic farm, and training facility for Trager and other modalities. In addition, Visar has 2 beautiful rooms with a double bed and private bath if you are coming from out of town and want to stay over. Contact Visar Duane: 440-781-8136 to register.

8/18/19 Exploring Boundaries: Being with self and other

9/22/19 Finding balance: Improving your physical and emotional balance

10/27/19 Trager for Couples: How to help our loved ones feel better (Save $10 each if you come with a paying partner to practice on.)

11/24/19 Helping ourselves as we help others: are you a caregiver?

Each class will address these topics, but also you will leave with a better understanding of what this approach can do for you. Or you may be inspired enough to take my 3 day Mentastics Class in November in North Royalton,Ohio, for more fun and self development. You may even decide to become involved in the Certification Program. Perhaps you would like to become a Trager Practitioner in your retirement plan? I get a session every time I give one. It is very gentle on our bodies. If you are an aging bodyworker or service provider, and want to continue helping others feel better, think about offering this approach as part of your transition to retirement.

Go to https://www.tragerapproach.us/ for more class offerings, training track information and general information and videos about this approach.

First Class of the Moving Medicine Series in $95. If you take more they are $10 less each time. (Nurses and National LMT members: if you are looking for CE’s the entire series offers 27).

Judith Fasone