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Self Care is Health Care

Soil, Cell and Soul

As basic as water, sun and time, is to a garden; is the caring touch, movement and trust that develops in the relationship between client and practitioner.  The Trager Approach® is a gentle way of opening our cells up to more oxygenation, more relaxation, more circulation and more freedom for body, mind and soul. The conscious and subconscious mind is nurtured by loving touch and affirmation,   meeting someone where they and their physical bodies are without judging, pushing or prodding.  Rocking a client in a rhythmic flow of movement, releases water and nutrients into the cell,which I liken to cellular gardening. With the right environment, health is enhanced, inviting a calm reassurance that the world is safe.  Trager tills the soil of our cells in a beautiful, effortless way.  Practitioners are gardeners reaching the mind and soul of our clients through their cell-soil with the intention to create peace, one person at a time.  

As an avid patio gardener and Franklinton Farm volunteer, I was awe- inspired by “The Big Little Farm”,  a documentary just released at the Gateway Theaters in Columbus, Ohio. It inspired me to share a review. The story goes something like this:

A young California couple has a vision of turning a worn out, 200 acre farm that was ruined by modern day agricultural practices (chemicals, antibiotics, and heavy machinery), into a thriving farm that is in harmony with nature.  The land had no viable soil, but it had dirt.  Dirt will not grow plants, without a lot of interference with herbicides and pesticides, because of the nature of a mono-culture.  The pond was dried up, mudslides had washed a lot of the good bottom soil away, and fields were parched and cracked in the midst of the worst drought on record in the area. 

Intent upon organic and natural farming practices; the couple hires an expert, Alan, who has the wisdom and confidence to turn the farm around.  For each challenge a creative solution arises. Focused on harmony and realizing the potential of nature as teacher, Alan knows to listen and observe deeply to the natural world, letting the creative, corrective plan come alive.  Many examples were aptly filmed and the intelligence of the natural world shines through. Diversity and inclusion are key components.

This film is a tribute to the natural world which expresses within me a certain calm, centered satisfaction and trust in the future that comes from witnessing the healing of the land. It is also a tribute to clients that come for healing and restoration. In a session, in this peaceful place, the fertile soil of our cells is soothed with rocking, and the soul gets a gentle reminder that this is the way to peace.  Follow me.

Judith Fasone