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Self Care is Health Care

Row, Row, Row your boat...

Whether or not you are merrily rowing your boat down the stream, the stream is flowing and you are rowing. Notice in this moment if you are going against the current or with it. Are you in the flow of your day, your life? Stopping for a moment and taking a few breaths could make the difference in your day.

Allow me…to guide you for 2-3 minutes, that’s all, I promise you will feel more relaxed!

Sit back in your chair, and let go of any tension you are aware of. Notice your breath for a few cycles. Then take 5 slow, deep breaths~inhalations and exhalations. Use a pretend straw to exhale to slow down. With each breath get slower.

Now sit quietly for another minute or two, stretch and get back to what you were doing!

It takes intelligence and sometimes courage to simply be.

Judith Fasone