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Rowing for real!

Yes, I am! Four years ago at age 60 I joined the Upper Arlington Adult Learn to Row group, and completed a grueling session. My body was eager to become strong as a rower, and my will carried me through, but it was tough. Team sports were not my preference in High School, so that summer I learned to sweat. I couldn’t stop simply because I was uncomfortable, and the sweat rolled into my eyes and down my back.

The hardest task was getting in and out of the shell, which sat slightly below the dock. In a coordinated effort our group would go “in and down” at the beginning and “one foot on dock and one on strip and up and out”. I was not the only one learning to stand quickly and in a balanced way.

I hung in there, and this is my 4th year! I feel like I might know what I am doing, and can put forth more effort when in motion. The coaches are great, very patient and young…but they know what they are doing , and I trust them to help me improve.

Taking care of our aging bodies is a priority. If you want to enjoy your life, and are tired of feeling like a slug, join a group activity. Push your edges. Start where you are, and make a commitment to yourself. Your health will improve, and so will every other problem you may have at the moment.

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Judith Fasone