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Moving Medicine: Trager First Aid this Sunday!

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa! First let me apologize because I know my blogs were duplicated and scheduled in error, I do apologize for this inconvenience. The best of intentions are thwarted by technology!

A quick reminder to sign up for my class this SUNDAY, 7/28 on Trager First Aid at the Reiki Center from 12-6 PM. We will explore chronic pain, offering relief and deep healing with self healing touch and movement, and also discuss what to do in an emergency situation if you are injured. (Barring the need for the Emergency Dept!).

Trager is not a replacement for medical care, but remaining calm and addressing any immediate needs can make a big difference in the healing of an injury.

Learn why Self Care is Health Care in this seminar, and get out of the heat at the beautiful Reiki Center on 5th Avenue.

Register online at thereikicenter.net. If you have taken one of my classes in this series, I will give you a rebate of $10 when you arrive. Bring a friend or family member, and you will learn skills to help them as well as support each other beyond the class.

Judith Fasone