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A Question of Ease

The Trager Approach offers us the pathway toward peace we may be looking for. There is an experience of pleasure that is missed in the course of chronic pain or emotional heaviness, and the speed of everyday living. What is it that is needed? Ease. body, mind and spirit are all needed to access pleasure in our body, the pleasure of being alive.

First, ask yourself “ what would I like? A personal inquiry, such as this one, will lead to an answer of some sort. Ask yourself this question right now. Perhaps the answer is “a drink of water”, or “less pain in my back”. Respond to this request, now. It takes only a few minutes for these requests, but often, we do not ask and do not respond to the answer we receive. By the end of the day, we have neglected ourselves, are dehydrated and our back is now screaming at us.

If you had a guest over to your home, you would attend to their needs, if it was within your power. You would ask, because you want them to be comfortable. You would respond because you invited them there, and want to ensure a good visit. In our day to day actions, we can help others get their needs met, especially if we work in the service industry, or have a private practice, or are a mother, father, sister, brother, friend etc. We all fit into one of those categories. We help others everyday figure out what they want, and leave ourselves out of the equation.

Back to our little request, once answered, we gain ease. A trust develops internally that we are deeply listening to ourselves, and will hear and respond. The tension relaxes, ease is the result. Our perspective and irritation dissipates. How long do you stay with the question? Until you are comfortable. Another pillow might help. Perhaps standing up, walking away from your desk, and getting that drink of water will revive you.

Ease is the difference between taking the cap off a jar that has already been open vs. a jar that is brand new and won’t budge without knocking it on the floor. Our body/mind wants to be easy. In a fast paced environment, ease goes by the wayside. Slow down, and ask what could be softer, what could be easier. An answer will arrive. be ready for a positive change.

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Judith Fasone