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Nuero-chemical Happiness

Sometimes it is good to review the science behind healing. Here is a short version:

Relaxation happens at a cellular level when we have all our needs met. The para sympathetic nervous system in the body sends signals to the body/mind that everything is ok. Cellular repair occurs in this mode, and serotonin, just one of the necessary ingredients for feeling good, is released. Rejuvenation of energy occurs, and our immune response is at full tilt to keep us free from external viral and bacterial assault.

During sleep, serotonin is being restored. Without this lengthy rest overnight, our serotonin supply is depleted. Overtime, this leads to depression, anxiety and more. Luckily for us, this is an unconscious process, and there is so much more happening at the cellular level!

Trager sessions access the para sympathetic nervous system through gentle rocking, elongation, and eliciting the reflex response in a slow, rhythmic way. During the time you are on the table, your body is bathed in natural, hormonal responses that activate cellular repair. Greater circulation of blood and lymph are part of this healing response. Most clients report sleeping better than they have for a long time after a session.

Access to the unconscious mind comes during this deep rest. As in a dream, memories that are held in every cell of the body are now free to release as the client is lulled into a dream like state on the table. These memories come from our personal experiences in life, the good and bad times, and are a part of our holding patterns in our gait, attitudes and responses to current situations. The release does not need to be verbalized, just felt and registered. We do not ask questions during this period, but offer a safe, resting space. A deep breath may occur spontaneously, as the release occurs.

Candice Pert wrote Your Body is your Unconscious Mind” in 2000. If this topic interests you, the audiotape is worth hearing. In a nutshell, she notes that our brains are not in charge, and that our molecular drama is forefront in our way of being in the world and is at the forefront of medicine.

Milton Trager was ahead of our time, but his legacy lives on in the hands of his students/practitioners/teachers all over the world. He understood and taught that “my hands are feeling the unconscious mind”, and this is where the lasting change occurs.

I have added a chart to help you understand further some of the other chemicals needed for good health and happiness! Have a good night sleep tonight!

Judith Fasone