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Self Care is Health Care

Ch, ch, ch, changes

Is it time for a change? If you have some nagging feeling that something is not quite right in your world, that is the first sign that something needs to change. Too often, I see clients in my practice that have ignored their inner voices for so long, that their bodies have deteriorated to the point of pain and suffering. I could cite numerous cases from mild to severe. The fact is, we often put ourselves last, and our bodies take the hit.

The initial feeling that is being ignored originates in the gut. We call this a “gut feeling” for good reason! The gut has miles of cellular material that is intelligent and picks up sensations continually. The gut is formed at the same time of the brain in the fetus, and is often referred to as “the second brain” by holistic practitioners. We each have an inner voice that tells us when something is not quite right about a person or situation. These feelings or inner knowing is called intuition.

Not only is the initial gut feeling ignored, but we also ignore and neglect the louder messages: fatigue, tension and pain. Pain arrives on the tail of fatigue and tension, but will get louder and louder until you listen. Loving ourselves does not have to interfere with how we love others. You will have more energy and caring for everything else in your life, if you end your suffering.

The Trager Approach offers numerous ways to develop self-care and develop skills that will help your body learn to trust you again.

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Judith Fasone