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Ahh Roma

Recipe of the day: Cold Bean Salad 1 pound fresh green beans, steamed al dente, fresh chopped garlic, black pepper, red wine, salt to taste, diced tomatoes, sliced red onions (soaked in baking soda and water to take hotness out), good olive oil. Mix all together, and sprinkle kiberally with fresh grated Parmasean. Mangia!

I am now sitting in an Internet cafe, perplexed at dragging my laptop, and now new leather carrying case ( sort of like my office in a carrying case) all over town- I mean the world!. I have added about 10 pounds to my carrying weight...se la vie...

Leaving Adele in the valley was somewhat sad, I was so comfortable there and connected to the land. I was getting used to walking every morning with her beautiful dogs, and dipping in the cold spring...washing away the need to do more....We will meet up again in Austria.

Over night in Siena with friend...beautiful drive North of Florence into the Chianti region. We took a short drive to a lake, no one there! and had a great refreshing swim in the forest...my kind of day! Italian Goulash for dinnere, cooked by Rafaella brother Giuseppi...and his wife Linda. They had just returned form Santiago...an annual 900 KM trek, for the purpose of cleansing bad karma and other religiouspurposes. They chose to bike along with about 1500 other participants and made it in 14 days. It starts in France and ends on the cost of Spain in Santiago. They were both very strong and brown to say the least. It is very steep. Either uphill or down.( Google Santiago, Espana, for more info).

This morning I took a long uphill walk into the woods, about a mile up at a 21% grade...down was wonderful! Chiangale (wild boar as prolific as Bambi in Ohio) carouse at night, and have everyone on the watch. they reintroduced wolves back into Chianti to take care of this and are now losing sheep. (I would rather go affter a sheep than a boar, if I was a wolf!) The flora and fauna is a sight to see, grapes within 3 weeks of harvest, and Olive trees loaded, for November.

One night in Rome, a good meal and nighttime stroll, then off to Potenza in the morning. It is a 4 hour train ride. It is hot here, so I can only imagine how nice the sea will be!

More when I can! Ciao, ciao, Judy