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Another assault to our psyche?

Even if we had no connection personally to the violence in Connecticut recently, we are all affected. I am affected.  My nursing students are affected.  My children and grandchildren are affected.  I invite you to join me in envisioning a safe place to live, learn and work. We have moved into "Era III" medicine, that is to say medicine that is non-local or transpersonal in nature.  According to L. Dossey, M.D., Era III medicine understands our mind is a factor in healing both within and between persons.   Our minds are not completely localized to a point in space (for instance in our brain or even only in our body) or time (present moment or single lifetimes). Mind is unbounded and infinite in space and time.  Mind is omnipresent, eternal, and ultimately ONE. Healing at a distance is possible. (Dossey, B., 2013)

Many medical practitioners, nurses, physicians, and alternative practitioner are researching this phenomena. I have read enough scientific literature and indigenous writers offerings regarding healers and shamanic experiences to know this idea of non-local is truth.  My own personal experiences also lend to the validity of long distance healing, and the realization that time and space are illusions.  I will be happy to offer some reading resources on request.

When a traumatic event happens, it is no less apparent to our sensibilities as a hurricane or tsunami. The material evidence may not be there, but the vibrational effect is clear.  When I sit quietly and reflect on the current event of violence or any violent event in history, I feel pain.  I relate to others suffering, I connect with my own suffering.  Allowing myself time to process these feelings allows me to let go of the negative impact. Choosing to breathe deeply and transform the pain into action is not  a comfortable process, but necessary for me.

The impact of me doing my healing work, allows me to be available for others to do theirs. A small act of deeply listening to another is an action.  I do not have to get on a plane and go to the event site.  Maybe I will do this one day.  But now, I can help from here.  I can open my heart and send light and love to all the corners of the world, and let the wind carry my breath of peace.  Heal yourself, heal others.


Dossey, B., and Keegan, L., 2013, Holistic Nursing A Handbook for Practice,  Jones and Bartlett.