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Barriers to Success

If you have already become as successful as you would like, congratulations! I applaud your integrity, persistence and commitment to your work. If you would like to be more successful, what holds you back? According to Cherie Sohen Moe, author of the book "Business Mastery", some barriers to success may be: a poor self-image; blaming others for misfortunes; expecting failure; negative self-talk; repeating errors and the major one: procrastination! If you can admit to any of these, it is a good place to start work on the energetic aspects of being successful.

Being a success demands our time, energy and attention. The issues above compete for them, also. Unconscious behavior patterns once brought into our conscious awareness do not have a chance...unless we CHOOSE to continue to ignore them. If you find you have known about your specific barriers all along, and feel stuck, find someone to help change your pattern.

I am available to help you change your patterns. As a Trager Practitioner, these patterns are not just in our mind, they live in our physical bodies as well. Movement and letting go is extrememly helpful as well as having someone to process your pain and frustration with.

You can create whatever you want in your life. Whatever you have right now is what you are committed to. Choose to be successful and you will be! Judy