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borborygmus bor-buh-RIG-mus

DEFINITION FROM MERRIAM WEBSTER:    intestinal rumbling caused by moving gas                               

      I signed up for this daily word smith from Merrian Webster, and today's word reminded me of some of the best Trager® sessions I have given and received.  The gurgling sounds in our bellies denote the deepest relaxation response. Out intestines lengthen out to about 25 ft. of coiled material, and the stress of life can  pack these coils further in, creating twists, turns and constipation or loose runny discharges. Both can be serious consequences, or simply aggravating symptoms and conditions that annoy us such as gas or bloating.
     During a Trager session, the gentle rocking that occurs throughout the session unwinds us. Literally, the gut lets go at a very deep level, clear down to our intestinal wall, and borborygmus is the result.  In the silence of the session, a deep satisfaction of knowing we are letting go comes with this sound from our gut. (The release of gas usually does not  accompany this, it is more like the hunger sounds we hear.)
     It is important for our health to have a relaxed gut.   I will be happy to show you how to get this feeling for yourself. If you have chronic problems in this area, learn to relax with Trager.
Go to this website to learn more:     http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/picture-of-the-intestines