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Self Care is Health Care

Personal Boundaries and Self Care

When is enough, enough?  When is too much, too much? In terms of doing for others, I mean... closewalkHow do we feel when we set no limits of time and energy with family members, with friends.  We want to be helpful but at what cost to ourselves? How does it feel to change that pattern and begin more self care?

I like to think of my body as a primary boundary.  The bones that are my structure, the muscles that covers the bones and move me, my ribcage and skull that protect my vital organs are all physical boundaries I can see and feel. When something is wrong in my body, pressure, tension or pain, I have the ability to respond, or the response ability to change into a more comfortable state.

An equally important boundary is my field of energy that surrounds me. Some call this the "aura". Whatever you call it, we notice when someone gets to close that we do not know well, and pull away, or if someone we love is too distant, we pull them in.  A vibrational field of molecules that are activated by our moods, our emotions.  The auric boundary is harder to discern, but once it is discovered, it can be helpful to access subtle changes around us.  We could say our intuitive nature lives out here.  With practice, we could avoid many harmful substances, situations and relationships that just are not healthy for us.

An a counselor told me many years ago, "even an amoeba knows how to stay away from a harmful substance!"

When I fill my time with pleasurable experiences, really noticing my body sensation and taking care to breathe when I feel the urge to react...I can respond.

Feeling stiff? Stretch gently.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Deep breathe for a few minutes.

Feeling tired in the middle of the day? A brisk walk or a 20 minute power nap.

Whatever it takes...there is nothing more important than that you feel good today!

Join me  July 20-22, 2012 for a 3- day Trager® Mentastics® Movement Class. You will learn how to improve your boundaries, connect with yourself and others and feel greater ease and peace within.  The Trager approach is a gentle, effective and life changing process.  We will move together, to discover a new, freer sense of self through Trager.