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Self Care is Health Care

Building a Practice, Building a Community

What is the connection between your work and your community?  I can only speak from my own experience when I say, one feeds the other. The more I network, the more awareness about who I am and what I do increases my cliient base.  There is no separation between my life and my work, luckily, my work is about self awareness and health. Who I am is a direct result of my work, and that attracts people to me like a magnet.  Relationship is everything.

My desire to be more consciously in community began about 18 years ago as a young single mother with 3 daughters, I suddenly found myself alone with a tremendous responsibility, and no education...so I looked to the community for support. A local church provided a wonderful surprise Christmas that year, a meager monthly allowance form the government gave me financial assistance while I got on my feet, I qualified for a Scholarship to attend nursing school, and had my entire 2 year RN degree paid for from these funds...we were called dis-placed mothers those days...I worked 3-4 part-time jobs at a time, to be home when my kids were.

My challenges soon moved toward gratitude, and with the help of the community, I was able to work in the same community as a nurse, addiction counselor and eventually as a Trager Practitoiner owning my own business. It is from here I now find the most satisfying work I have done to date: empowering clients and groups that I work with to create the life and work that most feeds the. We celebrate with joy and happiness as lives become more enriched and pleasurable!

There are many reasons to live in community, I will attempt to name a few: sharing resources like space and buses takes strain off the planet; sharing childcare supports both the child and the family;  sharing pot luck meals increases social responsibility by virtue of feeling that a group can make a difference more efficiently than myself alone, and this makes life more worthwhile.  As I step out in new directions, I feel supported by other persons in my community who have done the same. It makes the changes much smoother.  Actually, learning to let my inspiration and passion guide me, I create a new world, a new life, that only I can create.  You have that capability as well.

 Because of my volunteer involvement as the US Representative for Trager International, I have met annually with other Reps from 11 countries, and consequently been invited to teach my class on Building a Practice, Building a Community in Italy and London this year. That is what I call joy and happiness! I would never have thought this possible when I was single parenting!

Are you happy in your world and in your work? Do you have the income you desire?  Are you willing to take a step into the unknown and begin to create what you want?  Come and join my 3 day workshop in August at the Sancutuary at Scarlet Oaks, in the north end of Columbus and let's discover the barriers and secrets to your success.  See the description on my website, or request a brochure by phone or email.  I will help you manifest your dreams...!