Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

Business and Health Reflections

How healthy is your business? And how does you health affect your business? In my Business Sense/Cents teleclass and in individual sessions as a Professional Health and Business Coach, we discuss ways to be successful in our businesses and in our lives. Finding ease, lightness, and fun adds to the pleasure of your chosen profession. Add that to being persistent, focused and determined with a specific vision in mind and you have success . How does our own physical health support or interrupt our vision? Do you have ease and lightness in your body and mind? Do you have fun when you are away from work? Can you leave your work behind? Having chronic pain anywhere in the body or having continual angry and depressing thoughts is a drain on your energy. I invite you to take the time you need to care for your self as much as your business, your employees, your family and friends. Your health and your business will improve, as well as all your relationships within those worlds.

Enjoy the process! Judy