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Winter is for Resting!

In Ohio, it's time to put bulbs in the ground for spring color.   Symbolically, these bulbs hold their life force deep within, and must be planted at a depth that is 3 times their size for optimum results.  This morning I finished a new bed of daffodils, tulips, allium, hyacinths (grape and standard size).  I put chicken wire on top so the squirrels will not have a feast, and about 4-6 inches of dirt and leaves.  I tamped them down by walking over them.  With each bulb, I encouraged them to burrow down deep and added blessing for all that live near by who will enjoy their beauty. Winter is a time of rest, and bulbs that bloomed last spring are using the downtime to store up nutrients for the spring bloom.  How much time do we take for ourselves in the winter?  My thanksgiving was willed with gratitude for the abundance in my life. Gratitude raises endorphins and enkephalins, increasing serotonin and  norepinephrine. These nuerotransmitters help us feel calm and peaceful as we settle in for our long winter's nap.  Turkey and milk are naturally loaded with tryptophan, which helps us feel sleepy , and are often used as  sleep aids.


The shortest day will soon be upon us on the Winter Solstice around December 21st. It is a sacred time: the sun will return, and the days will be longer soon. It is the reason we bring in the green and light our homes, to counter the darkness and long winter nights.  The darkness is conducive to sleeping and is a less active time of year.  Feed yourself lots of root vegetables and soups or stews.  Since we are not moving as much, we might want to consider eating less to avoid the extra pounds that often accompany the special, traditional foods we love to share.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America



InspirationJudith Fasone
Dr. Andrew Weil promotes Trager® Approach for Sciatic Pain

http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00473/Trager-Approach-Dr-Weils-Wellness-Therapies.htm The Trager Approach provides profound relief for many problems that occur with our bodies.  Dr. Weil recommends it as a tool for rehabilitation, especially after sports injuries or neurological events. He has also seen it work for people with back and leg problems such as sciatica as well as for people with breathing issues like asthma and emphysema.

My own recent episode with sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and legs began when I returned from a walking tour of Ireland last summer.  I went with 3 good friends, and we walked The Beara Way (beautiful Ireland pictures here) for a little over a week.  I did not have problems during that time period, and everyday I was stronger. We walked anywhere from 6-12 miles a day, going village to village and slept in B&B's at night.  Call me and I will be happy to share!

Irelandjudy-024The problems started for me when I tried to sit on the plane for 8 hours coming home.  I could not sit for more that 2 hours without the pain worsening and forcing me out of my seat, and looking back I can say that after being so loose, the sitting was not a good idea!  This continued for about 4 months, and I did all I could to keep moving During that time I had a help from friends including Rolfing trades, Yoga classes, Tui' Na, Massage and Trager exchanges. By January I was determined to resolve it.

I started a routine of gentle movements, Trager style, (the self-care kind I am teaching in this workshop series) for an hour in the morning a couple times a week, followed by a sitting meditation.   I had lost my ability to sit upright on the floor without pain.  I was surprised how quickly I lost my flexibility!  My body had been compensating for the pain by my muscles shortening in response.  No one would have noticed this if they were not trained to see it.  I was still working, taking walks etc...but my sitting posture told the story.  I used props to support my knees, and sat for 5 minutes at a time, each session adding minutes.  Using my breath, I expanded the length of my spine little by little, and after a few months of this, I improved.  I contue to sit regularly on the floor, and move with ever more expanded range and depth.  A regular practice is the key, and soon will be outside more, swimming, biking and backpacking to strengthen further.

015One of the amazing things about body work is that everytime I go through a healing process, I am nore equipped to help others with the same issue.  First it was year of learning about my shoulders that I had hurt in a diving accident. Then I had to reolve my neck issues~ "I am not my mothers's neck ! " . Then old ankle injuries, and a new injury that occured, and on and on.  Interestingly, as these things resolve, clients come with the same issues, and my repertoire helps me to know just what to suggest for others.

Read what Dr. Weil has to say, then let's have a talk!

I have 2 more Free Trager Intros after today.  A simple email will register you for April 26 or May 10 class.  Have fun! Judy

Free Trager Class #2 this Sat 4/12

Email me if you are interested in learning about the Trager Approach and it's deeply relaxing effects. This free series is focused on relationships...and the most important one is the one you have with yourself! Self care techniques for living pain free and with greater flexibility will be the result at the end of this workshop. Come alone or with a partner. 10-5 Sat Apr 12. Bring a table if you have one...we split the day between working solo and working in pairs at the table to learn how to help each other be well. For more info, scroll down 2 blogs and see the flyer for the class.  Call by Thurs so I can arrange for tables please.

Trager Class

Pregnancy: Trager® for Comfort and Self Care

Pregnancy-shots-003If you are pregnant, or know someone who is, and are wondering about getting a Trager or any bodywork session, here are some tips I give to Practitioners on the topic.  I spent about 3 years developing a protocol for myself and marketed to this population, and I really enjoyed bringing relief to many pregnant women.  Sciatic nerve compression is especially an issue during later trimesters, so Trager is a gentle way to create space lying, sitting or standing.  Here are some tips for Practitioners:

Moms: be sure you ask your practitioner if they have been in the field practicing for a while, just to be safe.

 Here is what I learned as I was developing my work with pregnant moms...as general protocol:

The sides of both heels are reflexologys for the uterus, and can be touchy, especially in first and 3rd trimester. The feet do need caressing, they are holding so much more weight!

Positioning: Most women are more comfortable on their side, the larger they are, so this is just based on comfort.  Ask what their preference is.   Low back issues are paramount in this population and doing mentastics for back positioning when sitting and standing can be helpful...so if getting on and off the table is an issue, you can certainly give a session seated after doing some postural awareness.

The belly will rock from any other place in the body, so hands rocking directly on the belly are not needed, and may be uncomfortable.  Sculpting and lifting may be very nice to take the weight off the organs underneath.  When standing doing Mentastics, stand behind mama and gently lift the belly as you walk together, teaching her how to do the same. It feels great!

There is not much about Trager and Pregnancy written, but tons of info from the massage community. You can google massaging a pregnant woman and read a couple journal sources of good repute to enhance your learning.

Pregnancy-shots-023Remember to connect with both the Baby and the Mom in your mind and intention (inwardly and/or outwardly) and this will give you and the client a sense of security about the session. I drew on my own experiences as a pregnant mom, and often wished I had Trager in my life then!

Baby love, my baby love...(remember Diana Ross and the Supremes?)

FREE WORKSHOP SERIES: Rejuvenate your Relationship! Please read this update for content change!

It's time to sign up, and now it's free!  These 4 workshops will be offered free and held at the Hidden Lakes Condo Clubhouse where I live.  I love the space and teaching this material. Now there is no reason not to come and spend the day, spreading the love between yo and that special person in your life.  If you are single, come anyway, and we will have partners from from the singles in the group. This is going to be FUN!


Trager for Partners: Rejuvenate your Relationship!

Hi Friends...

I have created a series of 4 Saturday classes. over 4 weekends, every other Saturday each beginning March 29, 2014 which will help you and your partner reconnect at a deeper, more intimate level, and give each participant many ways to reconnect your caring for each other through dialog, non-sexual touch and movement that you will find both fun and freeing.

This series of classes may be just what the Dr. ordered,  if you and your partner are missing each other and want to deepen your connection.  Would you like to help yourself and your partner age gracefully? Touch is a healing balm, even more so without oils, the research tells us.  Touch increases circulation, improves immune function and enlivens our sense of well being.  Touch is a rare commodity in our fast paced world. Many of us want to be held and touched and massaged, and do not quite know how to ask for it, or plan our lives around it.  As we age, we get tired, and honestly, touching each other is the last thing we should let go of, yet it is often put on the back burner!  Exhaustion and stress lead to isolation, resentment and loneliness.  Have you ever felt this in your relationships?  This series will enrich and enliven your current situation, come and rejuvenate your relationship!
Envision a beautiful setting with trees, water flowing, soft music playing and an easy atmosphere to be yourself for the day with your best friend (s).   As we gather together, we will learn to let go of busyness and enjoy each moment in a more authentic way. A leisurely lunch break will allow us to enjoy the great outdoors, lounging or walking on a wooded path, and be fed nutritious food, made with care for each of you.  As we set our intention to begin, imagine what your relationship means to you, and how much time you have devoted to this special person in your life.  How much time do you devote to your own self care?  Both go hand in hand.
I will draw from a number of resources as your guide for this series. Milton Trager's  Movement as a Way to Agelessness; John Kabat-Zinn;s Full Catastrophe Living; Luiz Ruiz's The Four Agreements. Audry Mairi's Pathway to Peace. These authors have inspired me to greater fullness in my life and practice and my relationships.
  1.  3/29/14: Body Basics 101.  Front of the body: remembering what health means, importance of movement, concepts of trust, and commitment, making time for each other in the moment, personal presence practice, the power of the breath, exhaustion vs increased energy. Gotta love those feet!    WE will explore how important for us to cultivate separateness even if we are in a relationshipm and accentuate this   "I"...who am I?
  2.  4/12/14: Basics 102: Back of the body, pain and practical comfort giving measures; mood changers, pattern busters, opening the mind to new ways of being through moving meditation. Shoulder and should connection. Learning to be with ourselves and another without giving up our identity as we explore the  "We" part of the relationship.
  3.  4/26/14: Torso, head and neck. Opening the heart to new ways of loving through guided imagery.  I love necks and backs!  Core strengthening that is simple and in the moment.   Looking at relationships in general, types and dynamics as we explore what   "It" means to be in a relationship to each of us.
  4. 5/10/14 Day Four: Emergency care for the body, you can heal yourself, Food and Mood, metabolism connection, Movement as a way to agelessness. Integrative health practices.  Now you are a pro!  Out of your mind, and into the body!  How does being in a relationship, this relationship change the way we relate to the bigger world?  How do we enclude community in the relationship. We will explore what relationships are "All" about.

This approach to self care, health and healing has helped me to feel younger and healthier than ever, and connect with my partner more deeply.  Taking responsibility for our own health is the key.  Gentle, present touch reunites us at the unconscious level to change old patterns.

Format:  4 day long seminars, one full day each. 9:30-4:30.

Investment: FREE (Donations suggested $20-$40 per person per day)

Contact me to register.  These worshops are only open to friends, neighbors, students, clients and colleagues of mine that want to deepend their connections to their partners, or to their world.  Please do not pass this on, but if you bring someone for your partner that I do not know, that is fine.
Lunch: Pot luck lunch. There is a small kitchen at out disposal, with stove and refridgerator. No Microwave. I will supply teas, and water to drink and bring a different soup each week.
Heal Thyself!

I have been talking about Self Care as Health Care for a couple years now, and this past year I was challenged with many opportunities to do some major healing for myself.  Sciatic and low back problems, ear infections took a  lot of my attention.  The unraveling of any dis-order or dis-ease in your body takes time. There really are no quick fixes. Each time we are faced with a health challenge it is up to us to face it, with support when necessary, but to face it immediately means to overcome it sooner.  Keep in mind there is always a physical and psychological lesson tied to the problem.  Even the littlest of irritants can improve your life tremendously when healed from within. In our country, health care has become disease management, and with the use of drugs as a first line of treatment, many chronic illnesses have ensued.  By taking responsibility for our own health we will stay out of the vortex of the current system of care, and enter into living more fully.  Having discomfort temporarily is manageable. Colds. flu, and infectious processes that are simple to heal weigh us down with another irritant we have to deal with.  Many underlying stressors can put the previous list of problems over the top, and we do not know how to manage them because we may have postponed those behavior changes that have been so needed, and our immune function is sorely deprived.  Stress is really the silent killer.

Defense strategies:

veggie-public-domainFood is our best source for healing ourselves, in season, local and organic whenever possible. Eating warm, root vegetables in the winter, and lighter, fresher fare in the summer helps us maintain balance. Avoid under and overweight trends if possible.  Get help with this, if it is a chronic problem.

Supplements used temporarily to enhance our system may be needed when your symptoms are not budging. You may not be absorbing nutrients from your food properly because your hut is overwhelmed with the glue of gluten, dairy or fats that do not allow the proper intestinal absorption.  Medications under a physician's care as needed for short term relief.  Be wary of those who state "you will have to take this for the rest of your life". Medications are serious and become a toxin over time. We develop tolerance and think we can forget about the problem we are treated for.  Later, you will pay for this in the form of organ depletion and shutdown, medications that become no longer effective, and your doctor adding more meds to treat the side effects.  Be especially careful of medications used to treat mental health issues such as depression and long term pain management.

Movement and Exercise daily 20 minutes and  a 3-4 mile walk 3-4 times a week, or anything that takes us outdoors and increases our health rate for a period of time. Start small, and enjoy it! This is for the health of it, not a have to, a want to.  Move for a minimum of 10 minutes after each meal, and do not overeat.

Clean environment: internally and externally.  Eliminate dust, mold and dander to increase lung power. Internally, add probiotics to your diet to avoid taking anitibiotics when you have a problem.  Eat fermented foods daily.  Breathe deeply!

Assess your stress levels.  Signs of overstress are varied, but significant stress will start interrupting your sleep, blood pressure and irritability levels. You know yourself, are you in balance? Social isolation or too much stimulation as distraction may be a not so obvious sign.

Have a buddy agreement if you plan to make behavioral changes.  This will ensure your success.  Let me know how I can be of service!




2014 !!

For the Love of the Earth A new year, a turning of a page.  Celebrations were plentiful and a sadness appeared as I was packing all the seasonal finery away for the year. It has become a tradition for me to have a small, cut tree, fresh greenery and many candles and lights to warm our home for the holidays.  This year was no different, but a feeling of sadness came as things were put away this year. It took a few days to figure it out.   I loved that little tree.  I felt a deep connection to the shape, the size, the way it held energy in the corner, and continued to drink the water I gave it. This year, I left it up a little longer, and when I was ready to let it go, it reminded me of other losses in my life.  The sadness came and went.

Today we placed it in the woods to become a home for birds for the rest of the winter.  It will decompose quickly in the next year and give the earth some new mulch,  becoming unrecognizable within 2-3 years.  There is always a controversy around buying a cut tree.  Our world is full of them....controversies and cut trees.  I choose to buy a tree in keeping with the tradition of our family celebration, knowing all along that our environment is over burdened and over stressed in many ways including the creation of Christmas tree production.

There was also joy in bringing that tree home.  The smell of the pine, the outdoors, the green after all the gray days.  This picture is the cover on the CD I created in 2001  For The Love of the Earth~( http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fasone ) and I still do!  Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall.  I gave the tree back to the Earth today with a big THANK  YOU to the tree,  and I am grateful I was able to enjoy that which gave it's new life away for the sake of beautifying our living room.


In gratitude for another well-lived year!



Relief from Sciatic Pain

Pregnancy-shots-023If you have followed my blog over the last year, you know I have been traveling, doing a lot of long distance walking and swimming. After my extensive trip to Ireland on a walking tour, I found my old sciatic problems had resurfaced. I feel this had to do with all the walking I did  in Ireland for 10 days, then sitting on the plane for 8 hours on the way back.  I had a hard time sitting due to the pain running down my leg.  Looking back on my trip notes, I had some slight discomfort on the way over seas, that I didn't remember. It certainly didn't stop me from walking those green hills 8-10 miles a day! Sometimes I feel I have pain to learn how to help others resolve theirs.  In my case, over the last 15 years of practice, when I need to learn something about a certain part of the body, clients show up with the same problem!  First it was shoulder limitations, then neck, then wrists going numb, then some ankle sprains that needed healed, and on and on, until the most recent...So as I have been healing my own sciatic issues, I have had 4 clients come with the exact same problem within the last month. These clients are in different stages of healing, but are getting relief, and moving forward at their own pace. There is an emotional component to the exact degree of the physical, so as the body unwinds, the mind unwraps the holding patterns, so that healing occurs at the subconscious level.

Now these persons all are of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  But each of us have the same nerve pathway, and compression of the sciatic nerve is the problem.  The antidote? Creating space to relieve the compression!  Using gentle rocking, lengthening and the most sensitive handling of the body, compression is relieved, and pain dissolves.   Some core strengthening is needed to help the space created in the session hold.  Utilizing the core muscles for movement, such as exhaling on effort, is a simple way to do this.  I'll teach clients core strengthening  in various, simple ways each session until it becomes part of the new pattern.  Have you heard of "bed Exercises?"  (Come and find out how easy and effective they are!)

Note the comfortable side-lying position in the picture above...this pillow is down filled, and helps to create support as well as security for a client in pain.  Side- lying positions are useful for persons with sciatic issues, (and pregnant women especially love this!) and are really helpful to take the pressure off the nerve, allowing more relaxation as well as pain relief.  Sometimes to heal these deeper and more painful issues, more support is needed. Call me for a session if you have unresolved and reoccurring sciatic pain that just will not quit!  You deserve to be pain free!

P.S.  My pain is 98 % resolved at this point, and I know exactly what works for me.  Let's find what works for you, together.

Nurse defined...

Nurses are coaches. Nurse Coaches do not just nurse coaches, they nurse coach.... that is to say, we coach and nurse at the same time, and can coach nurses or professional and lay persons about their health! I have put together some affordable package rates for health coaching through the holidays...great for those of us that are need a little support through the darkest time of the year. As you go inward, we will find ways to keep your inner light shining on your goals. The body is not left out of my coaching sessions! We will learn the meaning of signs and symptoms of discomfort in the process of goal realization.

Self Correction Equals Less Discomfort

symbolSelf correction is the ultimate way to go if you want to feel more ease in your body and more control of your health.  Body awareness takes practice, and when we listen to our bodies more closely, we tend to self correct as needed.  Holistic Health Coaching as well as the Trager® Approach allows me to assist you in responding to your body, and  help you accurately interpret the message of pain and discomfort you may be experiencing. What is self correction, in terms of posture and health? Notice your posture, as you are reading this...if you made any corrections at all, i.e. sat up straighter, uncrossed your legs, pushed your tailbone back farther in your chair, or simply relaxed your shoulder muscles, that is a self correction.  We make these corrections throughout the day, unconsciously. Or, we don't.

2008-05-Anatomia-3-e-Mereu-143Self correction is  like a flower unfolding. In a few days, this Night Blooming Sirius will be as big as a grown man's hand, opening fully to ex-pose it's delicate inner workings.  It's perfume fills the house overnight...and only one night!  In the morning, if you didn't see it opening before you went to bed, it will be limp and spent.  It is a magical mystery. Luckily for us, we can unfold over and over again through self correction.

Here is an example of how to bring greater awareness to your body's messages of discomfort.

A slight pain on a busy day may be ignored temporarily, but it will become  louder at some point, to get our attention.  Before that happens:

  1. Change the activity, move around and shake off the discomfort. If you can take a rest, lie down or go outside, and give yourself 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching, or better yet, empty your mind and do nothing!
  2. Sit quietly and take 7 deep breaths. Breathe space into the area that is calling  your attention.
  3. Check in with your posture. Be as tall as you can be, standing or sitting. Allow tension to melt away using your inner vision of ice, or better yet~ chocolate melting.
  4. Call your health coach (me :>), bodyworker (me :>) and learn to develop the insight and skill to take care of yourself.

What if a simple self correction could help you before it gets to point 4? Yes, this is possible, and most of us have a lot of un-learning to do.  If you have acute pain, that comes on suddenly...get outside help immediately. If you have been living with any chronic pain or illness that isn't moving, let's move it together!

Reduce stress and weigh less with phone coaching

  I found this great article, from the AHA. If you are considering a weight loss program, please consider phone coaching with me.  What works is having someone on your team that encourages and supports you.  Think twice about packaged food products, surgery and meetings.  We can tailor your program specifically to meet your needs, and touch base by phone as needed. Affordable and effective!

Study Highlights:

Telephone coaching weight loss program as effective as in-person coaching American Heart Association

Irelandjudy-036Obese patients with heart disease risk factors lost weight and kept it off equally well in two different programs ? one delivered by coaches over the phone and another delivered in-person ? both using an interactive website with email feedback. Primary care physicians encouraged the patients’ weight loss at routinely scheduled visits. It’s likely that programs delivered by telephone with website support and physician encouragement could address a variety of heart disease risk factors and chronic medical conditions.

ORLANDO, FLA., Nov. 15, 2011 ? A weight loss program delivered by health coaches over the phone with website and email support but no in-person contact was as effective as one delivered in person, according to late-breaking research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2011.

The study is simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In both weight loss programs, primary care physicians had a supportive role and were presented as part of a team with the health coaches.

“Programs delivered by telephone with website back-up could be the wave of the future in addressing a variety of heart disease risk factors or managing chronic conditions,” said Lawrence J. Appel, M.D., M.P.H., lead researcher and professor of medicine, epidemiology and international health at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, Md. The Practice-based Opportunities for Weight Reduction (POWER) trial included 415 patients from six primary care practices in Baltimore who were obese and had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

Their goal was to lose at least 5 percent of initial weight within six months and keep it off during the 24-month study. Weight reduction can be associated with many health benefits, including lower levels of heart disease risk factors and preventing or improving diabetes and high blood pressure.

At six months, success in achieving 5 percent or greater weight loss was:

14 percent in a self-directed group that received information and a list of weight-loss websites, but no counseling; 53 percent in a call-center-directed group that spoke on the phone with health coaches and that used an interactive website; 46 percent in an in-person-directed group that received in-person counseling along with some phone support and an interactive study website.

“I expected the biggest change in the in-person program and was surprised that the results were generally the same in the program delivered over the phone,” Appel said. After 24 months, the percentage of participants weighing at least 5 percent less than they did at baseline was:

19 percent in the self-directed group; 38 percent in the call-center-directed group; and 41 percent in the in-person-directed group.

“The success in keeping off weight could be due to the active involvement of primary care physicians who encouraged their patients at routinely scheduled visits to stick with their weight loss program even when it was difficult,” Appel said.

The study participants were 64 percent women, 41 percent African-American. Their average age was 54 years. At baseline, average body mass index, or BMI, was 36.6 kg/m2 and average weight was 229 pounds.

Johns Hopkins coaches conducted the in-person program. Coaches from Healthways, Inc., a disease-management company, implemented the call-center-directed program and developed the study website.

Co-authors are Jeanne M. Clark, M.D., M.H.S.; Hsin-Chieh Yeh, Ph.D.; Nae-Yuh Wang, Ph.D.; Janelle W. Coughlin, Ph.D.; Gail Daumit, M.D., M.P.H.; Edgar Miller, M.D., Ph.D.; Arlene Dalcin, R.D.; Gerald J. Jerome, Ph.D.; Steven Geller, M.D.; Gary Noronha, M.D.; Thomas Pozefsky, M.D.; Jeanne Charleston, R.N.; Jeffrey B. Reynolds; Nowella Durkin; Richard Rubin, Ph.D.; Thomas A. Louis, Ph.D.; and Frederick L. Brancati, M.D., M.H.S.

What is Health Coaching?

judy-in-campHealth coaching is about finding a professional that partners with you to live up to your full potential.  Health is not just the absence of disease, but the full expression of one's self.  Here are some quick questions to see if you are fully expressing yourself:  

  1. Are you happy most of the time?  Life has it's ups and downs, but is your general demeanor one of happiness? Smiling, laughing, allowing yourself small and large pleasures from time to time?
  2. Do you love your work, or at least, look forward to the day?  As we age, we begin to think more about retirement, and how we are spending our time. If you are retired, are your days filled with fun, learning and movement?
  3. 3.Is your body fully functional?  If not, why not, and what steps are you taking to correct problems?  It is a myth that as we age our bodies deteriorate!  I just missed my 40th High School reunion, and while it was happening, I was hiking through Ireland with 3 friends, approximately 7-14 miles per day. We covered 110 miles in 11 days.  The photos from the reunion are fabulous.  Big smiles, healthy bodies of 58 year olds...inspiring!
  4. Do you have chronic pain or other health problems?  Pain is a message. Listen to your body, it never lies.
  5. Do you sleep well?  Do you dream?  Sleep is a serious indicator of good health and allows us to wake refreshed and ready for new experiences.
  6. Are you expressing yourself creatively?  One of the needs humans have is to be productive.  Working for someone else is one way to do this, but producing art, music, poetry, healing arts, creative expressions allow for new growth.
  7. Are you flexible in body and mind?
  8. Do you feel grateful often?

Want to engage in your life more fully?  Health coaches will help you get there.  Call me and chat about how you can live up to your potential, and create the life you want at any age.   Summer sessions~ 2 for the price of one through August.  If you are not in need, congratulations!  Please pass this on to someone who may benefit.  Happy trails! Judy

Aging Gracefully and Beautifully

Judy FasoneFrançoise Sagan once wrote, “There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful.” Our lives are precious. Health and beauty go hand in hand. As we age, do we allow ourselves our own pace? Keeping in step with others takes it's toll.

Accepting our aging process is paramount. We feel young, but our bodies do age. My mother even stated "I feel like a young person in an old shell". I remember the difficulties her aging body had, even though she found being an artist and winning County Fair ribbons for her creations exciting and life fulfilling in her 70's.

Is it time to slow down? It doesn't mean we have to quit...just find new ways of moving. Being more conscious of our movement, making a commitment to walk 1-2 miles a day. Build strength and flexibility slowly, but consistently.

Be gentle and be beautiful. Find your own pace...it is connected to grace! Ask yourself, how can I move more gracefully, and it will happen!  Sometimes we need a little help slowing down.  The Trager® Approach teaches us to pause and learn to love our lives again through movement.

Through July and August, I am offering two sessions for the price of one. Let's get moving!

Trekking in Ireland and Summer Session Special

I am back from trekking in Ireland, and have learned so much about walking at my own pace, that I want to share some new insights with old and new clients. I prepared for the trip for 6 months, both mentally and physically, and I succeeded in finding new confidence in movement! Irelandjudy-024Would you like to be more active? Wake up feeling pain free? Be excited to go to work in the am? Work towards a goal of long distance walking without fear of pain or exhaustion?

Biodancing includes the Trager Approach, Health coaching and body awareness through movement...it is a fantastic experience, and you can read more about it on this website.

For the months of July and August, I will offer 2 sessions for the price of one, and you can space it anyway you like...weekly, biweekly or monthly.. This is you opportunity to get moving! (you can also let a friend have your second session, or split the cost.) Together we will come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Not to worry, if you are having pain, you can do those 2 sessions in a week. I have yet to have someone with chronic pain, that didn't improve within a month of 2 sessions a week. Let's give it a shot...I will refund your money if you don't improve.

Please pass this forward to anyone you know who is thinking of getting some help, or wants to achieve some health goals and is feeling stuck.

Have a great summer! Judy


Music Heals

Music changes us. It is an expression of someone's deepest emotion that is shared without words. In this way, we communicate with others in a way that transcends any barriers that may inhibit our understanding us that come from trauma...physically, mentally or spiritually. Please watch this powerful film, and consider using music for your own healing. It will rewire your brain, and open up your ability to heal at very deep levels.

Gupta Music as Medicine

Labyrinths and the magic of self discovery

I am really enjoying taking students to the OSU labyrinth. Many thanks to Mary Maloney,  for showing us the "path" to discover ourselves! I am attaching a power point I developed to help understand the magic beyond the maze.  A labrynth is not a maze actually...a maze has some dead ends that can trick us.  A labyrinth has a way in AND a way out.

Take some time to visit the OSU labyrinth at Lane and Olentangy. It is free (parking meters in the lot) and you will deepen your connection with the Earth...and yourself!


Medication Free Pain Management

Chronic and acute pain has much to teach.   The messages from our body are always the truth. If there is a pain, you can bet there is an important message behind it! Finding ways to relieve pain without medication is an art.  Here are some tips*:

  • Pay attention to the pain.  Feel it.  Describe it, and rate it by giving a number between one and ten.  One is "the pain is barely there", 10 is "I can't stand it anymore" .  Try on one of the techniques that follow below and rate it again. Has it lessened?
  • Make yourself comfortable. If you are standing, sit; if sitting, lie down or stand. Shift your position in the chair if you have to stay put. Uncross your legs, add a pillow.  Use more pillows when sleeping.
  • Stay warm. Coldness causes tension.
  • Stay hydrated.  Adequate water is needed for good blood flow and cellular health.
  • Breathe!  Send your breath into the painful area. Take 3-5 minutes to relax that part of your body before taking your next dose. Maybe you can wait 30 minutes more.**
  • Gentle touch and light massage.  Give yourself your own touch. Love the area, gently rock, jiggle and soothe with soft, light pressure.  Stimulating circulation my give immediate relief.
  • Use imagery. Imagine you are lying in the sun on the beach, breathing in the salt sea air. Create an atmosphere of lightness and relaxation.
  • Ice and Heat.  A fantastic way to regenerate the right relationship with your cells after trauma...3 minutes of heat and one minute of ice. Repeat 3 times, 2-3 times a day.  This has helped me personally many times! (And many of my clients).
  • Treat your problem as if it just happened yesterday.  Chronic pain is often a memory of the pain when it first happened. The injury has healed, but the memory has not.  This is often the case if it has been more than 4 months and the pain is still present. Seek out a practitioner to help release the trauma in your tissues.***
  • Don't look for the pain. When we check to see if the pain is 'still there' we reinforce the painful pattern that started it. Instead, look for places in  your body that feel good, and let that feeling be with you as you move.
  • You are not your Mother (Father, Grandparent). We tend to carry the pain of our ancestors with us. That could be genetic traits, learned behaviors or lifestyle habits that do not work for you now.  Is it time to live your own life?
  • Seek out a qualified practitioner that can help you look at these patterns and work together to find solutions.  Nurse coaches bridge the gap between traditional and non-traditional medicine.  A nurse understands the complications of medication withdrawal and are skilled in helping you develop new tools for better health.****

*If you are already on pain medication be sure and check with your health practitioner if you have doubts about reducing or quitting your medicine.

** Pain medication is helpful temporarily. It can become a problem when used long term, like any other medication.

*** Let me help you learn to change the pain patterns in your body.

****  Free phone and in-person consultations M-F, 7-7



Integrative, Complementary Alternative and Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine (IM) is a new discipline with its own specialty centers, fellowship programs , and certification processes¹ .  This approach augments traditional medicine by integrating a blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches to help a person obtain optimal health.  A holistic and preventive framework guide both the practitioner and client toward a greater sense of health, freedom and joy in every aspect of life.  IM includes complementary alternative medicine (CAM) as well as functional medicine (FM) within it's scope. Mariano²  defines CAM as a broad set of healthcare practices, therapies, and modalities that address the whole person-body, mind emotion, spiritual, and environmental, not just signs and symptoms-and CAM may replace or be used as complements to conventional Western medical, surgial and pharmacologist treatments.  Many approaches may be needed to help a person heal.  There are no "bullet drugs" or treatments to fix us.  Each indivdual has a particular need, and no one practitioner, physician, drug or discipline can solve everyone's ailments.

Functional Medicine is an emerging field in medicine with a special emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Maintaining a balance of cognitive/emotional and physical processes, wellness is achieved³.  Nurses have a particular role in promoting functional medicine. The art and science of nursing moves beyond understanding a client's chemistry, diagnosis and ailments from a medical point of view.  Nurses and especially Integrative Nurse Coaches consider with a client, their health, energy and balance through an expanded, holistic and integrative perspective.

Our health care system is ailing.  The only way to improve it is to stop using it in the way it has been used.  With the advent of Integrative Medicine, we have more choices than ever.  Prevention is a key to allay problems, but know that  chronic disease patterns may also be stopped after years of being told "nothing can be done".  In my experience, this statement from a person in authority is one of the most devastating to our health.

Another devastating problem is our over use of medication. Prescribed well, a medications is best used as a temporary stabilizer to get the body back on track.  Getting back on track may mean behavior and lifestyle changes (dietary changes or more movement for example).  Medication works, but the side effects that come along with them cause great damage to our bodies, as well as take over processes that the body has difficulty regaining when the medication is stopped.  This cycle of dependence on a drug can be devastating when financial means changes, and/or  complications continue. Read or listen to   tween the discovery of psychotropic medication and the rising numbers of those afflicted with mental illness.  Research proves that these medications may actually make the problem worse, not better.

As we further define what is the optimal health of a human, our findings lead us back to our natural beginnings.  We need to eat well. move frequently and enjoy our surroundings as well as our relationships.  The concept of simplicity plays an important role.  Please consider your options.

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Another assault to our psyche?

Even if we had no connection personally to the violence in Connecticut recently, we are all affected. I am affected.  My nursing students are affected.  My children and grandchildren are affected.  I invite you to join me in envisioning a safe place to live, learn and work. We have moved into "Era III" medicine, that is to say medicine that is non-local or transpersonal in nature.  According to L. Dossey, M.D., Era III medicine understands our mind is a factor in healing both within and between persons.   Our minds are not completely localized to a point in space (for instance in our brain or even only in our body) or time (present moment or single lifetimes). Mind is unbounded and infinite in space and time.  Mind is omnipresent, eternal, and ultimately ONE. Healing at a distance is possible. (Dossey, B., 2013)

Many medical practitioners, nurses, physicians, and alternative practitioner are researching this phenomena. I have read enough scientific literature and indigenous writers offerings regarding healers and shamanic experiences to know this idea of non-local is truth.  My own personal experiences also lend to the validity of long distance healing, and the realization that time and space are illusions.  I will be happy to offer some reading resources on request.

When a traumatic event happens, it is no less apparent to our sensibilities as a hurricane or tsunami. The material evidence may not be there, but the vibrational effect is clear.  When I sit quietly and reflect on the current event of violence or any violent event in history, I feel pain.  I relate to others suffering, I connect with my own suffering.  Allowing myself time to process these feelings allows me to let go of the negative impact. Choosing to breathe deeply and transform the pain into action is not  a comfortable process, but necessary for me.

The impact of me doing my healing work, allows me to be available for others to do theirs. A small act of deeply listening to another is an action.  I do not have to get on a plane and go to the event site.  Maybe I will do this one day.  But now, I can help from here.  I can open my heart and send light and love to all the corners of the world, and let the wind carry my breath of peace.  Heal yourself, heal others.


Dossey, B., and Keegan, L., 2013, Holistic Nursing A Handbook for Practice,  Jones and Bartlett.