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Personal Boundaries and Self Care

When is enough, enough?  When is too much, too much? In terms of doing for others, I mean... closewalkHow do we feel when we set no limits of time and energy with family members, with friends.  We want to be helpful but at what cost to ourselves? How does it feel to change that pattern and begin more self care?

I like to think of my body as a primary boundary.  The bones that are my structure, the muscles that covers the bones and move me, my ribcage and skull that protect my vital organs are all physical boundaries I can see and feel. When something is wrong in my body, pressure, tension or pain, I have the ability to respond, or the response ability to change into a more comfortable state.

An equally important boundary is my field of energy that surrounds me. Some call this the "aura". Whatever you call it, we notice when someone gets to close that we do not know well, and pull away, or if someone we love is too distant, we pull them in.  A vibrational field of molecules that are activated by our moods, our emotions.  The auric boundary is harder to discern, but once it is discovered, it can be helpful to access subtle changes around us.  We could say our intuitive nature lives out here.  With practice, we could avoid many harmful substances, situations and relationships that just are not healthy for us.

An a counselor told me many years ago, "even an amoeba knows how to stay away from a harmful substance!"

When I fill my time with pleasurable experiences, really noticing my body sensation and taking care to breathe when I feel the urge to react...I can respond.

Feeling stiff? Stretch gently.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Deep breathe for a few minutes.

Feeling tired in the middle of the day? A brisk walk or a 20 minute power nap.

Whatever it takes...there is nothing more important than that you feel good today!

Join me  July 20-22, 2012 for a 3- day Trager® Mentastics® Movement Class. You will learn how to improve your boundaries, connect with yourself and others and feel greater ease and peace within.  The Trager approach is a gentle, effective and life changing process.  We will move together, to discover a new, freer sense of self through Trager.




Feed Your Body and Soul

Spring Detox Session

March 27th, 2010, 1-6 pm

spring-085Enjoy a day with Dr Jann and Judy as we create foods that sustain us in Spring, learn the essential components and purpose of a detox, and learn to care for our bellies through physical movement. Jann welcomes us to her home and beautiful kitchen overlooking a ravine in North Columbus.

BODY:  Spring is the perfect time to clean out the toxins. For the spring session, Judy will instruct you on the art of making crackers topped with various seeds, nuts, spices and herbs.  While snacking on homemade crackers and tea, you will listen to Dr Jann teach you about the biochemical detoxing properties of specific ingredients to make the perfect spring tonic.  You will learn to identify wild edible greens in your yard that can be added and that will contribute to the process.  While the crackers are baking,  Judy will lead you in Trager-inspired movement focusing on body awareness of the belly internally and externally.

SOUL:  We will learn about the plants that help us stay well in our backyard. Together we will prepare and enjoy the spring detoxing drink with our fresh crackers.  We will share our hopes and intentions for our bodies for this spring.

Class is limited to 10 persons.  Please register early to secure your space by sending $95 for the day to:

Jann Offutt, MD 6976 Constitution Pl, Cols, Oh 43235

BIO's for Jann and Judy

Jann Offutt M.D., board-certified in Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine, has been in practice in the Columbus area for over twenty years.   Rather than simply treating the symptoms, her practice focuses on correcting the cause of imbalances in the body that result in dis-ease.  Dr Offutt's goal of educating patients about their bodies and the mind/body connection allows patients to control their own health and create and maintain wellness of body and soul.  Her website www.drjoffutt.com describes the many healing modalities Dr. Offutt utilizes  in this process.

Judy Fasone RN has 15 years experience in nursing, with a scope of practice in addictions and mental health, public health, and home health.  Her private practice includes Trager, an integrative approach to wellness; business and health coaching; retreat facilitator; International seminar leader on ethics, earth connection and wisdom circles; movement educator; and music lessons. Judy focuses on empowering you, increasing your joy and improving health. SUMMER SESSION WILL CENTER AROUND GREENS AND MAKING PITAS FOR LIGHT AND HEALTHY SUMMER EATING.

On My Way!

Bella!! I am sitting at the Columbus airport, waiting for first leg flight of my journey to Europe...so mayn preparations which started a couple years ago with my last visit to Italy!  I return for a longer period and more explorations into the Southern Tier, Basilicata...beautiful, wild and hot southern Italy....It really captured my heart and I felt most at home there, and this chant came to me:

Holy Mary, Daughter of the moon, thank you for the vision of the Sun; Holy Mary, owner of the womb, thank you for the vision of the Son.  From the blood of the Mother comes the wisdom of the son; and the tides of the waters they tell us we are one....

So many time in the past 2 years I have sung this with others, and the harmonies blend beautifully as we all do, when there is connection of breath and life.

I trust you will let me know if you would rather not receive my musings as I travel. I am committed to writing daily, however, I cannot know how the internet access will be.  There is a place on the blog now where you can sign up to receive this, and I look forward to checking in with you.  Please respond if you feel moved to do so!

Ciao, Ciao

Ecuador, land of agelessness


Last September, my good friend Cecilia and I went to Ecuador to visit the rainforest.  We had reasons of plenty for going....this I know.  For the weeds have been steadily growing. The destruction of the rainforest is of major concern to environmentalists, and being so far removed from this vital life-source it is hard to image its effects. What more can I do about this, except to fall on my knees beneath this big tree in the picture above, and mourn the loss of the ancient ones, and the knowledge they contain?

ecuadorbrochureNot only are the forests being decimated as in our own country, but the tribal clans are continuing to drink tainted water, and becoming ill from it. They do not have access to filtered water as you and I do.

Personally, I just simply wanted to stand on the land and feel what the Earth was like on the equator.  A simple desire, that turned into yet another bit of information needed for my spiritual and physical evolution.

Cecilia and I now feel comfortable enough with our traveling experiences that we can talk intelligently about what is needed to experience this ancient land firsthand.

Our accommodations and food were simple and pleasing, and the guides knowledgeable.  We had no trouble adjusting to the heat or the altitude.  There were actually no mosquitoes to speak of at that time of year.

Here are some highlights of the trip, please call or email me if you want to hear more!

Arrived in Quito, Ecuador, at night, seeing the lights sprawled across the mountains. Quito is about 9,000 ft, and the air is clear, until you move through the city of about 2 million persons. Cecilia's sister, Marianna Almeida, met us and we stayed with her for 3 days, enjoying the city.

On day 3 we took an hour flight to Lago Agrio, a very small airport, and met the tour guide from the Cuyabena Reserve. We hooked up with 8 other persons from England, Spain, Germany and the US, to take the 3 hour bus ride, and 3 hour motorized canoe ride to the Cuyabena retreat we stayed in for 5 nights.  The bumpy ride was interspersed with sweat and dust.

About halfway to the river put-in, we stopped outside a little town and waited while the guide went to an elderly woman's home to pick up a cooler full of sandwiches and local fare for our lunch. We proceeded to town where we could buy drinks to have with our lunches and hit the bathroom.

Once under way on the river, we were escorted by hoards of butterflies, one remarkable one was a large, brilliant, blue one, whose name escapes me.  When we arrived at the lodge, there were hundreds, brown, tan and white, with stripes and polka dots.  One kissed my eyelid in passing.   The guide had amazing eyesight, and could spot things I never did see...

A few highlights and a poem...

A pair of Toucans, crooning in the tree top; swimming in the lagoon at dusk each evening; sunrise birding in a dug out; visits to the indigenous communities; making bread our of the yuca plant; trees so old they have to be carbon-dated; piranha fishing; day and night-time hikes; rest time and local fare to eat along with good familiar food choices.


Sunrise on the lagoon, music to my ears; Varieties of birds and plants, water shapes like old mirrors

Feeling the strength of my body, joining the calm of my mind; Breathing in the love of life, capturing this moment in time

The vibration of love surrounds every sentient being; I feel it when I am still Cuyabena reaches me, teaches me.

Shameless Society= SICKO

You may think with that title, this is going to be hard to hear. Not at all. It has a positive ending...read on.

 Michael Moore's latest documentary once again gives a realistic view of a challenging dilemma...the health care system.  I have begun referring to it as the "healthscare" system, since it is so dysfunctional.  This movie is not about how bad things are , but how good they could be.  As I left the movie,  I begin asking even bigger questions of my friends and colleagues...what is the real issue here?  I came away from viewing this film totally inspired by this man's life work of truth seeking, and stating the obvious.  In his film-making, Michael Moore does a fabulous job of remaining neutral. (Not so in his books...cynical humor is the way he softens his topics) and I appreciate anyone's ability to stay neutral when outrage may be needed to wake us up.

The bigger questions?  "Why have we become a shameless society? " and then quickly shifting my energy to: "What is my role in restoring the value of caring about others to the human race?  In fact, this lack of caring seems more prevalent in the US, and we are all directly and indirectly responsible for it.  We see it, we practice it, we feel helpless to change it. The movie shows us this over and over again. People in powerful positions, in this case, the Healthcare system, make decisions based on economics.  I cannot describe the feeling I had while witnessing scene after scene of numerous scenarios where individuals were being turned away due to erroneus coverage within their health insurance plan.  SICKO points out that it is not just persons without insurance that do not receive the care they need, it is the insured population as well. 

I do recall the feeling now.  I felt ashamed. Ashamed to be a nurse and not speak up. Ashamed to not be providing free Trager sessions to anyone who cannot afford my work.  Ashamed that I am part of a society that allows this shameless behavior to continue. 

It seems in some indegenous tribes, (including some Native Americans, according to my teachers) used shame as a disciplinary action when someone's behavior was out of line with the norm.  Shaming an individual works well when the support system of loving Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are available to soften the embarrasment with unconditional love, while the person is being held accountable for changing the undesired behavior.  In our society, shame doesn't work because there are too many places to hide.  You can continue your behavior in another city or town.  You could get elected in another state.  We move away from family and friends or if we are in powerful positions, hide behind others who have done similar behaviors before us, and say "everyone else does it".  How easy it has become to lie.

In any strong emotion lies untapped energy for change. In my shame, I find the energy to envision a free clinic, and begin asking others to envision it with me. I want to do more sessions.  I want to train others to train others to work for Peace, whether it is utilizing Trager or modeling and teaching Ethical Solvency.  I want my country and my "elected" officials to work toward restoring integrity and the value of caring for all, above their need for trophy homes and large salaries.  I want to see the abundance in my own life, and continue to feel fully supported by my community to do the work that I feel so passionate about.  This means I must let go of the fear of "not having enough" and "not feeling secure".  Is that at the root of all of this for others, too?  I feel this is the bottom-line truth of the matter for me.

You may note a little cynicism in my statements.  In my cynicism, the energy to get back to work comes in. I recognize my cynicism, and want it to be a positive force. It drains me. And yet, I need to say these things outloud, so I can hear how cynical I actually am.  Silence breeds more silence.

How much do I care?  At times more than others.  Just like everyone else, when I am stressed and feeling down, I regress into old patterns of thoughts that do not support myself or others. I become selfish, withdrawn, and have little heart for lifting the spirits of others.  In those moments, I remind myself of what makes me really happy.  Being with friends...ok, so I go call some.  Giving sessions....ok, how about calling a colleague for a trade; or who haven't I seen for a while that would really benefit from a session?  Music, music, music...and gardening....always available to me, the Earth offers me companionship and security in her Abundant Nature.  I make a choice, and get on with the creative aspect of my life.

I recently heard someone say there are 3 parts of negativity to 1 part positivity, and we must learn to deal with the negativity or it will overwhelm us.  Hmmm, what could be easier?  What if I envision the positive charge 3 times BIGGER than a single negative charge?  I have now successfully turned that person's statement into another option.  I could even venture to say: It is not my truth.  My understanding is that universal natural law just doesn't work that way. Positive and negative ions have been balancing each other out since the dawn of existence.  This will continue with or without my input.

I do agree that I want to learn to handle negativity better.  Becoming neutral does not mean withdrawn. It means to actively engage toward finding that balance point.  I hear the horror stories of our world, and I choose to balance each story with a positve one.  Finding the gift, the lesson of it.  It is that simple.  SICKO=TAKE ACTION. 

How many sessions a month would help you live up to your potential?  Let's negotiate.   Judy

The Dance of Life

Dancing has really got a hold on me...as a teen, nothing serious, just party type bobbing and weaving, occassional weddings, etc.  It seemed a natural event for me, not difficult, primarily because I liked to move, and wasn't too self-conscious, and I mostly danced alone which is much easier...now I am learning to dance with a partner and it is entirely a different experience!

I am currently taking Ballroom and Argentine Tango lessons here in Columbus, and learning the life lessons that come with dance instruction.  "Rely on your partner" "allow more space between you and your partner" "just flow with it!" "if your partner doesn't know what to do, do nothing. As the follower, you must allow him to figure it out!"

This sounds like good advice in general for relationships, doesn't it?  Even though the men I am partnered up with in a class are not known to me, I reflect back to my past relationships and think: wow, what a concept!  You mean I do not have to lead?  I wondered if I had taken the lead too often?  Letting go of leading, what does that mean? Who will be in charge if I let go of control? I guess I can play with letting go of control in this moment, what a relief!

This is letting go at a totally different level, learning to trust on my feet, as it were.  Relying on another for direction, when I have always been the pathfinder for instance, is more of a challenge than it may sound. At least for me.  THe process is quite enjoyable, usually. There is also at times a feeling of childlike embarrasment when I am not being asked to dance. This usually happens at a club, not in the classroom, where the instructors make sure everyone dances.  So if you want to move through some of your old fears, this is a great way to go about it!  Some people think I am courageous, some foolish. All I know is when I am feeling, whatever the feeling is, I AM ALIVE!

Our legs symbolically and literally, move us forward in life. When we have pain or injuries in our legs, we may want to ask ourselves, why am I holding myself back? Or am I afraid to go forward?  Our feet represent having an understanding of life, and being willing to change and go with the flow...some internal questioning directly posed to an area of discomfort is often beneficial...ask your feet: what am I having trouble understanding?  GIve yourself a few minutes for the response to come.  Perhaps, you have not been listening closely enough to the pain.

Pain is a great teacher. Honor your own pain and discomfort, use it to get to know yourself better.  And when you get a response, LISTEN!  THere is nothing worse than a student that doesn't heed the teachers wisdom.

If you want more movement in your life, why not take a dance class?  I have a few resources at my disposal to get you started...and will be happy to share them, just email me.  Who knows, maybe some of those relationship issues will begin to clear up in the process!  At the very least, you will begin to lighten your step, and enjoy the evening!  One of the studios I dance at has a logo: walk in, dance out! 

If you want to start more privately, put on a CD at home with your favorite music and get moving!

Con A'more d'Italia

P9210011smEven though it has been already 2 months since my return from Europe, I have recalled the feeling so many times of being there, that I have quick access to memories of my Italian colleagues, our time together and the wisdom that was shared that beatuiful weekend in Maratea, Italy.  The picture at the right was actually the view fom my balcony at the Hotel de Mare, a spa and resort in a small town called Aquafredda, 3 hours south of Naples by train. I was invited to facilitate 2 days of what I call "AVAHA Wisdom Circles", talking circles that have no certain agenda, with much sharing and sacredness. In between circles we moved the way we know how to move in our community, to integrate the new information...and we discussed what we did and did not enjoyabout our National and International Association.  This to me is the ultimate community challenge: to be committed to the process of sharing a circle together, sometimes silent, sometimes joyful, sometimes deeply releasing an old pattern that could not be released until that moment with that specific support...

Our Trager community is a rare jewel on this Earth. Each individual is like a treasure that has been buried deep within the Earth,  This treasure is hidden until someone lovingly finds and polishes until our unique qualities come through. Each National Association is like that as well.  The polishing cloth of the rough stone is love.   When I recall the feeling of being with all of you again, it was/is still as though I have been held and brushed and tumbled over and over from all the love I felt from each of you. I came back feeling full, and like I was at a big love fest!  I grew stronger in this environment, and my clients have noticed.

If each individual is a like a gemstone, then the group is like the crystal cluster we passed around the group in our circle. A cluster of crystals is like so many points of light, amplified by each others' presence.  Thanks to this great amplification, I returned home filled to the brim with passion for my Trager pracitce and for living more fully. Thanks to this amplification while I was there, I discovered new pathways to know and understand my own edges, leaving patterns that no longer serve me behind. I found new space for creativity. The integration of this new knowledge is resulting in a greater sense of energy, joy and peace within myself.

Isn't my experience just like every Trager session we give? We hold the client in the highest light, with Love, and meet them where they are. We create the space for them to open to whatever they desire. We reach the unconscious mind which is not only full of old patterns, but also full of unfulfulled desires and dreams.

I came away from you with a deeper respect for myself and our work.  I saw how you have realized some of my own dreams of having family members participate in our trager gatherings. I saw the relationship between all things: the "two stars" in the sky, one brighter than the other, showing the feminine/masculine balance in nature, and reminding me of the loving couples that attended the weekend; the sickle that was so clear in the night sky, a constellation of stars signifying a time of harvest, the harvesting of knowledge we experienced in the group; the crystal that was "just a rock" as well as a tool that brought up deep memories ready to be released, and proved to be a mirror of ourselves after all...and how our interpretations of such things shape our lives.

There is a deeper learning here for me about making and honoring the commitments that we have made to to ourselves and others.  I saw within your group how committed you are to each other. These sacred contracts are the force that holds something together, containing it until it is consciously changed. The unconscious commitments are no less binding than the conscious ones. Whatever is happening in our lives at the moment is what we are fully conmmitted to.  If I am unhappy, it is because I am committed to being unhappy, if I am joyful et cetera, et cetera...what are you committed to?

Choice occurs at conscious and unconscious levels as well. What do you choose? I choose to let myself be surrounded by people who know how to live and love well, and who love me as I am. I choose to have a thriving , exciting Trager practice, that is more fulfilling that I could have ever imagined. I choose to call the Earth my home, and so with love and respect I care for her as I care for myself and all of you. I choose to commit to this work, and to help others become as excited and successful as I feel I am. If I can do it, so can each of you. Envision what you want, and share that vision with another, and another. This is how simple it is to create what you want. Ciao bella...


This week has been interesting, I am preparing to travel abroad for the month of September, to share what I have learned about being in business for myself as a Trager Practitioner, as well as take some time off with my friends and family.  I am aware that when my energy is not fully focued on my practice, my numbers go down.  It appears there is a direct correlation between how much energy I put into my desire to see clients and how much time I spend planning my time!  What is the balance for this?

 At the beginning of each week, I sit with my schedule, and circle the time slots of the sessions I want filled. For me that is  about 15 slots per week. Three a day is a good balance for paper play and sessions. I do not feel rushed, I have good focus for the persons that come in, and I can be creative without being under pressure around my finances and projects I am creating, such as classes I am developing.  I live simply, so this is a comfortable life I am creating for myself. I leave most weekends free, and am taking some self-development eveining classes...acting improv, which has loosened me up a lot!

In addition, I review my "to do" list, and prioritize what I will do with my time. I am involved with a networking group, and I also collaborate with others to get Trager out into the public eye. 

 How is your schedule? Are you comfortable? Does it feel hard, or a little too soft?  You can create what you want simply by imagining it.  Clearly, if you see the appointment book filling with names, it will. 

 I have recently discovered that balance is actually an illusion...we are never in a truly balanced position...how long can a person stand on a tightrope?  It may be a good idea to stay within our comfort range between busy/too busy.  Give ourselves a little slack, so to speak.  Last year in Mergozzo, Italy, some friends had put up a tightrope between two trees, and I had the chance to physically embrace balance. When the rope had too much or too little slack, it was much more difficult even impossible at times to stay balanced. The rope helped me realize the effect of outside influences on my balancing act. 

 At home, my tightrope becomes my life. If I spend an equal amount of time on my health, getting stronger, eating healthy foods, dealing with issues as they arrive, and creating my business, and having loads of fun, I feel fulfilled.  The awareness of balance takes the pressure off of me to perform or live up to expectations.

I am creating something that has never been done before : Living life my way!  There is no comparison!  If I have a gaping hole in my schedule in the summer...what are my options?  One is to go swimming and be grateful for the day off!

 Have fun, create a life that works for you, and share that with others! Now that's living! 

Building a Practice, Building a Community

What is the connection between your work and your community?  I can only speak from my own experience when I say, one feeds the other. The more I network, the more awareness about who I am and what I do increases my cliient base.  There is no separation between my life and my work, luckily, my work is about self awareness and health. Who I am is a direct result of my work, and that attracts people to me like a magnet.  Relationship is everything.

My desire to be more consciously in community began about 18 years ago as a young single mother with 3 daughters, I suddenly found myself alone with a tremendous responsibility, and no education...so I looked to the community for support. A local church provided a wonderful surprise Christmas that year, a meager monthly allowance form the government gave me financial assistance while I got on my feet, I qualified for a Scholarship to attend nursing school, and had my entire 2 year RN degree paid for from these funds...we were called dis-placed mothers those days...I worked 3-4 part-time jobs at a time, to be home when my kids were.

My challenges soon moved toward gratitude, and with the help of the community, I was able to work in the same community as a nurse, addiction counselor and eventually as a Trager Practitoiner owning my own business. It is from here I now find the most satisfying work I have done to date: empowering clients and groups that I work with to create the life and work that most feeds the. We celebrate with joy and happiness as lives become more enriched and pleasurable!

There are many reasons to live in community, I will attempt to name a few: sharing resources like space and buses takes strain off the planet; sharing childcare supports both the child and the family;  sharing pot luck meals increases social responsibility by virtue of feeling that a group can make a difference more efficiently than myself alone, and this makes life more worthwhile.  As I step out in new directions, I feel supported by other persons in my community who have done the same. It makes the changes much smoother.  Actually, learning to let my inspiration and passion guide me, I create a new world, a new life, that only I can create.  You have that capability as well.

 Because of my volunteer involvement as the US Representative for Trager International, I have met annually with other Reps from 11 countries, and consequently been invited to teach my class on Building a Practice, Building a Community in Italy and London this year. That is what I call joy and happiness! I would never have thought this possible when I was single parenting!

Are you happy in your world and in your work? Do you have the income you desire?  Are you willing to take a step into the unknown and begin to create what you want?  Come and join my 3 day workshop in August at the Sancutuary at Scarlet Oaks, in the north end of Columbus and let's discover the barriers and secrets to your success.  See the description on my website, or request a brochure by phone or email.  I will help you manifest your dreams...!

Staying connected

I have begun to play with the idea of writing something here every day regarding my work as a Trager Practitioner. I trust you will return to this site as a way to keep connected to me and our community. The Business Sense/cents class begins on Thurs eve Feb 16th. I still have room for a few more. The time is changed from what is in the USTA newsletter. Please email me with any questions.

I am putting together a Community Building teleclass that will be 4 weeks, and cover my experiences as the Trager International COT Representative, as well as building our local Trager group here in Columbus, Ohio. It will be avaialbe in March. Please contact me for details, or watch for the launching from this site.

I have learned so much, and want to share with you for the benefit of all.

Allow your sky hook to lift you from your sit bones...feel the energy of soft strength....Judy