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Coaching Conversations

Calling all Nurse Coaches! COACHING CONVERSATIONS is a new 4 week series is starting in April. The series in intended for Nurse Coaches who are integrating their new coaching skills into their current practice or who are starting a new coaching business. This online phone series will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:15 Eastern Standard Time. I will set up a free conference call and all you need to do is dial in! It has never been easier to find the support we need from our peers. Contact Judyfasone@gmail.com by March 15th to sign up for the April series. Together we will help you help others! Trager Class

New Research on Stress
Public Release: 

A tough day could erase the perks of choosing 'good' fat sources, study finds

Stress affects how the body processes different kinds of fat

Ohio State University

Happy Interdependence Day~Take the Pledge

In America, we celebrate our independence on July 4th, but  I am wondering how healthy this independence really is?  I am very independent, and I am able to exist on my own, without a doubt. However, learning to live in relationship to others is my biggest challenge! Keep reading, there is a new way to think about this... Professionally, as a nurse, I am confident as a leader, a teacher, and confidant.  I practice independently in clinical settings and as a nursing instructor.

As a friend I am all those things as well except I interact more on an equal plane. This trait~equality ~is an interdependent skill.  The relationship is ~ mutual~  giving and receiving.

In my family roles (grandmother,mother, sister, aunt) the roles are murky, as all of us are testing the boundary waters of emotionality, striving for independence yet wanting to stay connected with respect to our differences. Love is the healing and soothing bond that unites us.  We consciously commit to be connected.

As spouse, the emotional watery world of commitment tests these boundaries even further.

So personally, the idea of interdependence is challenging.

Let's admit it, we need others. We have blinders on, and cannot see all sides of a situation when creating change in the world.  We also need others to celebrate with , to grieve and to play.  Being independent is important, but INTERDEPENDENCE gives us autonomy with others.  Wake  up America!



 Declaration of Interdependence

We, the people of Planet Earth, in recognition of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of the balance of nature; hereby acknowledge our interdependence on all that is and affirm our dedication to life-serving environmental stewardship, the fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide, economic and social well-being, and a culture of peace and compassion; to ensure a sustainable and harmonious world for present and future generations.

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and the Land on which I stand. Many nations, many names for GOD, interdependently, with liberty, justice and abundance for all.

(JF 2006)



Love is a healing balm

Better than any ointment, love soothes and heals.  It must come from within, not from others, or from our pets, although that is nice. Loving ourselves is as easy as taking a good look in the mirror and saying out loud "I love MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAyou! No, I really mean it! I love you!  Don't turn away, stay there and listen to me: I love YOU!  You are all I hoped for and more than I could have imagined at this point!  You are awesome! You are beautiful!"

Not so easy though, is it? Our inner voice is often focused on criticism, not celebration.  Perhaps we rely on others to help us feel good about ourselves.  Serving others is commonly a way to feel good about ourselves.

Without a full cup of love, this continual giving to others leaves us depleted. Burnout leads to frustration, anger, depression and chronic illness.

Self care is necessary. Have a heart to heart talk with yourself and be kind not critical.

Love heals all wounds.


Trager Trio of events

I have scheduled 3 TragerIntroductory Workshops January 10 and 11 in Warren Ohio, March 1st at the All Life Center  and May 2 at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine ( 2015). Self Care is Health Care! Trager is easily integrated into any professional discipline. It helps me communicate through words, movement and touch. Novices and professionals welcome.



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Hot fun in the summertime...


Fresh Summer Veggies


If you have not logged on to my website lately, take a look and let me know how you like it.   I have moved in the direction of coaching and counseling, and you know the Trager Approach will always be a part of the session! I trust you are well and happy. I would love to hear from you!

Happy summer! Judy

Marketing, marketing, marketing

I am amazed with the amount of time I am spending being creative around marketing these days! I consider myself a creative person, so it is not hard for me to come up with lots of ideas...these sudden bursts of creativity are good for business, and it feels like when I am not marketing, the business slows down. When I am marketing, the clientele builds, and I slack off on the marketing, then the numbers fall and I am back at it! I am grateful for this dillemma, I could be worrying about feeding my kids, or healing from an injury and missing work. Fortunately I have created a space for me to have all my needs met, and now to meet others needs, I have to sell myself. Yes, sell myself. This has been a difficult point to transcend for me. I am sure most of us have had to get over this hump when we own our own business. Putting myself out there is a continual challenge, as my audiences grow bigger and more diverse, so must I. There are many tools to use, many resources. Time is the piece that may become an issue. On slow days, I can spend all day doing projects and pieces of work here at my computer. I also want and need to get out and meet people, like at the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet last Saturday, or the monthly Friday networking meeting. I have a goal of networking monthly, and I am going beyond that goal. I know what really sells my particular gifts are me, being passionate about what I do. I have something different to offer: the Trager Approach, helping my peers market themselves and the Trager Approach, building communities, cultural change ; and most recently, something new: writing articles about the relationhip between health, business and organizational growth. With a personal vision of being of the greatest service to the greatest amount of people, I have found myself resting within the arms of Trager International. Our goal is to "create peace in the world, one person at a time" a quote from Milton Trager MD, who developed this work. I realize now my work has expanded recently to reach even more persons as I teach small groups that are getting larger, empowering others to do what I am doing! This new twist is still a surprise to me. I guess it is true "we teach best what we need most to learn". What do you need most to learn? Are you willing to follow your heart, and let your business goals move as the energy does? Create your own personal vision if you do not have one, and enjoy the process! Judy

Introductory Workshops

Have you wanted to know a little more about the Trager Approach, but not sure if you want a session? I have been teaching introductory workshops for about 4 years now, and find that most folks thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together, creating space in their body and their lives in a new and relaxing way.

Intro Workshops can be of any length, and I have done a wide variety: two hours; a 4 week one hour series; a full day, and 2 days. Each group that comes together feels they come away with more freedom in their movement as well as the good feeling of a growing community that is interested in what Milton said he was doing: "creating peace in the world, one person at a time".

Peace is available to us at any time. It is a choice. We simply have to recall a peaceful moment in our life. Perhaps when you were holding a newborn, or watching a sunrise. That is the feeling I am talking about. Spend a day with me, finding and expanding this feeling through movement re-education. This is the Trager Approach.

The first part of the intro, your body awareness will increase with guided movement in the morning. By the afternoon, you are ready to give this feeling to others. After lunch in the format of al 1 or 2 day class, we set up massage tables, and try our "hand" at touching another with the intention of sharing this feeling. You will be amazed how you can continue to become even more peaceful as you interact with another. I am doubly blessed as I get a session everytime I receive one.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could do the work they really love? I am doing it! You can too! Think of the Trager Approach as a career move. I guarantee it will change your life, for the better.

Why not come to an intro. On my website, I have scheduled a one day event on March 11th, at my office, and a two day event at the Pittsburgh School of Massage in April. Watch for more updates. If you know a group of persons you would like me to present to, give me a call. There are many benefits to being a class organizer. Or come and get a session, to experience what this work really can do for you. Judy

Accountability and Ethics

If you are building a business or private practice, do you have an ethical code or standard for yourself? Do you have clear client guidelines, that tell them what to expect from a session, a few paragraphs about your training, and experience? Do you have a clear policy about missed appointments and cancellation? Policies such as those mentioned and a code of ethics could be very helpful in defining what and who you are for your clients. They are written statements that say, I have thought about these issues, and am being proactive in preventing problems for you and for myself.

On a larger scale, if you belong to an organization, is there an ethical comittee that is proactive in reviewing ethical issues that are up, revise the by-laws and codes regularly to see if they still fit, perhaps look at other organizational ethics codes and issues, and see how we could be better prepared to prevent incidents from occurring? Does your organization possible have a column on ethical practice would be helpful to the members? Do you know how to resolve ethical issues? How to deal with a peer that is acting unethically or find support for a situation you are uncomfortable with? Knowing the process for resolution makes me feel safe and protected. It gives the practitioner and the client a safe container to explore and expand the work we do.

Maybe you do not even want to look at these issues. You may say "I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole". Perhaps, you say " sounds like someone wants control" and you think none of this is needed. Having served as an ethics committee chair for a National organization, considered many local and regional issues, I know this is an important part of any business.

As a leader, I take responsibility for acting ethically, and understanding the importance of educating others about this important aspect of our work. I want to be held accountable by my peers. I know I have blind spots in my actions. I cannot help but act from patterns from the past, as many of us do. I do not want to do things "because they have allways been done that way" You are my mirror not just in ethical action, but in communication, success, emotion expression.....I cannot be fully me without you.

Independence is a value that runs high in my life today. I have fought hard and long for it. I value it so much, at one point in my life, I created a wall around me, so much so that interdependence was forgotten. My views and even my body had hardened around ideas that were no longer useful. I had isolated myself, and then realized I missed being in community.

The search for community let me to understand the term interdependence. Interdependence is a concept that the indiginious peoples all over the world knew and operated from. Their very lives depended on this concept. Every thought and action was done with interdependence in mind. Here are a few: we are all related; consider the seven generations before, and the seven after when making a decision; take only what you need, leave the rest to regenerate; share resources and no one will go without. These principles fostered self responsibility, empowerment and community.

Without this knowledge and understanding, accountability becomes a question. I may have my own perception of what is ethical action, and create my individual world around this knowledge. When we belong to a community or organization however, I must have a different understanding, a common mind with the rest of the community members. I must operate from a different set of standards, ethics, and values.

It is true, I am drawn to this particular community because of the values I see being expressed. But what are the values? Does everyone hold them equally the same?

How can we hold ourselves and each other accountable without threatening this idea of independence? Perhaps it is with educating everyone about the concept of interdependence? Would that be enough to move away from legal systems that imprison innocent persons, or empower each member of an organization to act ethically? Would that be enough to suggest self responsibility, and do we trust that everyone is capable of it? Personally, I can let go more easily when I know the proper process is in place to deal with issues, and we have done our best to educate our members, our peers.

I have taken a leadership role in many different organizations locally and globally, as a board member and executive committee member. I have gained some understanding of the complexities of these issues. It is enough to say, there are many questions, and many without easy answers. I do not know each person in my community. I have to help create the by-laws, and a system that I think will work best for right now. I am one of the ones responsible for creating the safety net of protection for all of us, and be open to changing it as needed. No one else will do this for me. I am a leader. If you have your own business or practice, you are a leader. Welcome and enjoy!

We are all related. Judy

Community Building

Just as there are barriers to building a practice, there are barriers to building community. How is it possible to build anything without an common vision, intention, love for the people involved, and energy galore? Consider your own community, take a close look. Are you happy with what you see? What could be more fulfilling than collaborating with a group of people with a common goal? In the Trager community, principles of ease and effortlessness and empowerment tie us together as much as our passion for the work. We are movers and shakers, educators, changing the cultural standards as we change our own. No longer can we tolerate heaviness or pain, no longer can we stay silent once we learn to speak our truth, our feelings. No longer will our relationships exist because "they have always been this way".

Our entire focus for this work is one of questioning. The answer is not important. Only the quest. MOre on this topic! Judy

The 4 E's= EASE

Trager is about the efficiency of effort and the economy of energy. This adds up to ease in your body/mind and your life! As you go about your day today, ask yourself...How could I do this with less effort? Enjoy! Judy


What are you going to do this weekend? I trust you will rest and rejuvenate for you have worked hard all week, and deserve it! So have I. Are you able to be home when you are home? Or do you keep broiling work issues around in your mind? When you leave the office, make a promise to yourself to leave it all behind. It may be the single most important thing you can do to build your business. Rest in the knowledge that you have done your best. Find some activity that you enjoy and pursue it! When is the last time you went out dancing, or invited friends over for dinner? Is your social life balanced with your work life? How about your spiritual side...do you take time to be in community with like-minded individuals, meditate, pray, take a hike together?

I plan to dance, sing and meet up with friends and family this weekend. Let's compare notes on Monday...send me a comment to this email (click on the link) , and let me know haw you spent your time away from work.

CIAO, Judita

The Value of our Work

Do you know the value of your work, of the Trager Approach, as a healing modality? A hundred years of research supports our work. Not just Trager Approach, but massage , energy , touch, movement and other "alternatives" that are ancient in nature, espressing their truth in these modalities.

When the pressure builds for change, the resistance is felt. Often the "powers that be" feel the right to attack, accuse, even demand psychiatric assessment of a colleague.

Because I am on the edge of something new, I feel excited by it's potential. I want to talk about it, share it, let it take hold in a society that is fixed on fixing...My work is about empowerment and healing the self. How many governments can you name that encourage individual expression? Because I have spent a lot of time developing my skills as a practitioner, I have not studied the research. In many ways this makes me feel isolated, on the edge of a great precipice, sometimes scared to talk about what I do , and at other times, so confident I feel as if I am on fire.

Have you also been waffleing in your confidence about expressing your work? How do we become steady in the knowledge that supports us? I feel good when someone reminds me that one hundred years of research stands behind me. Or that there are anti-trust laws that say, no one can take away your right to practice. This supports our work. I want to know these things, to be able to support each of you. I will share as I learn them. I am fortunate to be in a group setting, where we share our knowledge freely. I have created this for myself. I cannot know everything. I admit this. I want to be around those who can fill in the gaps.

As a client receiving the work that is deemed "alternative", (a 17 year old client of mine even objects to the term because it is not the truth. Says he " these ways have been known and used before so they are not alternative, western medicine is the alternative.") you are feeling the change in your body, and perhaps not aware of and how this valuable work is being challenged state by state, region by region. What if you didn't have the option to seek out a practitioner of this nature?

Let us use our energetic projections to realign the minds of those in charge. Let us help them move beyond fear...fear of change, fear of the unknown. Let us see this change happening in a loving way with ease...there is only love. and there is enough for all of us.

The busyness of business

Each day is a new adventure when it comes to having my own practice utilizing the Trager(tm) Approach... Today I discovered that the busier I am, the less attention I pay to details. Things like putting the correct date on the flyer, forgetting to write down the correct appointment time. I never understood the connection to the busyness of business until today. After 3 incidents in a row (it always comes in 3"s !) I realized I need to take a well deserved pause....

I sing about this in one of my songs...it's beautiful to do nothing and then just take a break! (sung in blues style) It's even more beautiful to be really productive and then take one!

Perhaps the pattern I was in , now exposed, can recede in to the past, as I create what I want. I am accountable to details, in a joyful way. I am busy and detailed. I am changing this as I speak.

Today, I can create what tomorrow will bring, I only need a few pauses now and then. The pause creates clarity. So right now I am going to take one! Join me for a few breaths, a moment of silence in the mind....enjoy!

Making Peace with Success

Yes, you can be financially successful as a Trager Practitioner! I am recieving calls about my teleclass (Starting Thurs eve 7-8, EST, Feb 16th) and those interested often wonder if they have the "right personality" to make a go of it. I say: "do what you love!" . I have had to overcome many barriers to being successful, most recently a layer peeled back regarding my family patterns...and my belief that they would never change. What is a pattern? Something created by years of unconscious actions..make this year the year you change this pattern ! Do patterns really change? Isn't this what the Trager Approach addresses with movement and touch??

Look at the pattern on the floor or in a carpet...it does stop eventually...when it reached an edge or a border of some kind. Or it may simply come to an end. SO BE IT....let your patterns change by recognizing them and replacing them with what you want. These patterns become ingrained much in the same way an addiction can. In order to change an addictive pattern, it must be replaced. What about replacing your fear with joy? How about dancing? How about a walk? How about a talk? Call anytime. 614-261-8194 Cheers! Judy

Staying connected

I have begun to play with the idea of writing something here every day regarding my work as a Trager Practitioner. I trust you will return to this site as a way to keep connected to me and our community. The Business Sense/cents class begins on Thurs eve Feb 16th. I still have room for a few more. The time is changed from what is in the USTA newsletter. Please email me with any questions.

I am putting together a Community Building teleclass that will be 4 weeks, and cover my experiences as the Trager International COT Representative, as well as building our local Trager group here in Columbus, Ohio. It will be avaialbe in March. Please contact me for details, or watch for the launching from this site.

I have learned so much, and want to share with you for the benefit of all.

Allow your sky hook to lift you from your sit bones...feel the energy of soft strength....Judy