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Clearing Congestion

This is a great recipe for clearing mucous...I put all this in my teapot,and plan to eat what is left after I drink all the tea..it is really good, but it made me hungry...I think the radishes stimulate both appetite and nose blowing. Chop all: one half pear, orange rind, 5 radishes, 2" thumb size ginger

Pour hot boiling water over all and sip after seeping at least 10 mins! Awesome..it makes a beautiful pinkish slightly thicker tea..no honey needed...honey actually is mucous building, so use it when you have a dry irritating cough. Lots of coughing follows, and my nose cleared up...temporarily at least. It will be nap time soon.

up...all in teapot add boiling water, steep and drink

Thanks to Steven Rendina for this natural home remedy! You can ask him more about this as he is the "Fine Tune Your Recovery" man ...

Stay warm and happy watching the snow fly!