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Self Care is Health Care

Community Building

Just as there are barriers to building a practice, there are barriers to building community. How is it possible to build anything without an common vision, intention, love for the people involved, and energy galore? Consider your own community, take a close look. Are you happy with what you see? What could be more fulfilling than collaborating with a group of people with a common goal? In the Trager community, principles of ease and effortlessness and empowerment tie us together as much as our passion for the work. We are movers and shakers, educators, changing the cultural standards as we change our own. No longer can we tolerate heaviness or pain, no longer can we stay silent once we learn to speak our truth, our feelings. No longer will our relationships exist because "they have always been this way".

Our entire focus for this work is one of questioning. The answer is not important. Only the quest. MOre on this topic! Judy