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Con A'more d'Italia

P9210011smEven though it has been already 2 months since my return from Europe, I have recalled the feeling so many times of being there, that I have quick access to memories of my Italian colleagues, our time together and the wisdom that was shared that beatuiful weekend in Maratea, Italy.  The picture at the right was actually the view fom my balcony at the Hotel de Mare, a spa and resort in a small town called Aquafredda, 3 hours south of Naples by train. I was invited to facilitate 2 days of what I call "AVAHA Wisdom Circles", talking circles that have no certain agenda, with much sharing and sacredness. In between circles we moved the way we know how to move in our community, to integrate the new information...and we discussed what we did and did not enjoyabout our National and International Association.  This to me is the ultimate community challenge: to be committed to the process of sharing a circle together, sometimes silent, sometimes joyful, sometimes deeply releasing an old pattern that could not be released until that moment with that specific support...

Our Trager community is a rare jewel on this Earth. Each individual is like a treasure that has been buried deep within the Earth,  This treasure is hidden until someone lovingly finds and polishes until our unique qualities come through. Each National Association is like that as well.  The polishing cloth of the rough stone is love.   When I recall the feeling of being with all of you again, it was/is still as though I have been held and brushed and tumbled over and over from all the love I felt from each of you. I came back feeling full, and like I was at a big love fest!  I grew stronger in this environment, and my clients have noticed.

If each individual is a like a gemstone, then the group is like the crystal cluster we passed around the group in our circle. A cluster of crystals is like so many points of light, amplified by each others' presence.  Thanks to this great amplification, I returned home filled to the brim with passion for my Trager pracitce and for living more fully. Thanks to this amplification while I was there, I discovered new pathways to know and understand my own edges, leaving patterns that no longer serve me behind. I found new space for creativity. The integration of this new knowledge is resulting in a greater sense of energy, joy and peace within myself.

Isn't my experience just like every Trager session we give? We hold the client in the highest light, with Love, and meet them where they are. We create the space for them to open to whatever they desire. We reach the unconscious mind which is not only full of old patterns, but also full of unfulfulled desires and dreams.

I came away from you with a deeper respect for myself and our work.  I saw how you have realized some of my own dreams of having family members participate in our trager gatherings. I saw the relationship between all things: the "two stars" in the sky, one brighter than the other, showing the feminine/masculine balance in nature, and reminding me of the loving couples that attended the weekend; the sickle that was so clear in the night sky, a constellation of stars signifying a time of harvest, the harvesting of knowledge we experienced in the group; the crystal that was "just a rock" as well as a tool that brought up deep memories ready to be released, and proved to be a mirror of ourselves after all...and how our interpretations of such things shape our lives.

There is a deeper learning here for me about making and honoring the commitments that we have made to to ourselves and others.  I saw within your group how committed you are to each other. These sacred contracts are the force that holds something together, containing it until it is consciously changed. The unconscious commitments are no less binding than the conscious ones. Whatever is happening in our lives at the moment is what we are fully conmmitted to.  If I am unhappy, it is because I am committed to being unhappy, if I am joyful et cetera, et cetera...what are you committed to?

Choice occurs at conscious and unconscious levels as well. What do you choose? I choose to let myself be surrounded by people who know how to live and love well, and who love me as I am. I choose to have a thriving , exciting Trager practice, that is more fulfilling that I could have ever imagined. I choose to call the Earth my home, and so with love and respect I care for her as I care for myself and all of you. I choose to commit to this work, and to help others become as excited and successful as I feel I am. If I can do it, so can each of you. Envision what you want, and share that vision with another, and another. This is how simple it is to create what you want. Ciao bella...