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Congruency and Consistency

What do we stand for? What is really important in our lives at this moment? Working with a client yesterday, we found an uncertainty in her posture, the left leg not supporting equally. The right leg is the driving force, and the left leg getting weaker, and now hip problems have ensued.

It turns out, her main practice in life it to prevent crisis, which began early in her childhood. In order to keep the peace in the family, she became the leader, taking care of mom and her siblings. As a young adult with a family of her own now, her body has become so stressed, that she is taking many medications, as well as a feeling that she may be overusing some of them.

Good for her, that she has recognized the need to clean out her system, and regain her health from a more natural perspective! This is possible for all of us.

Standing and shifting weight back and forth creates a balance of energy running through both legs. We talked about standing in her truth, when she needed to, with the weight on the right leg. The right side of the body generally represents the masculine side, the active, the doing side of us, and the left represents the receiving, or feminine side. If the leg on the left side is weak is she receiving enough? Does she ask for help? Will she accept if offered? It turns out that she is uncomfortable asking for help, and feels most comfortable doing for others. Even on the table during the session, she did not want to let me know when something wasn't working for her, because she "didn't want to hurt my feelings".

So many times I have clients that are not able to stand up for themselves, and tell me what they want. This is part of the learning in Trager...I give plenty of opportunity to explore your needs in the moment, and I can sense when there is incongruity. When I feel a slight resistance, i ask "Does this feel ok? What would be more comfortable?" Often the client was feeling something, but couldn't express it. These communication patterns are just as ingrained as the movement patterns we are exploring.

So I ask "what could be easier here?" Then everything changes....