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Dr. Andrew Weil promotes Trager® Approach for Sciatic Pain

http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00473/Trager-Approach-Dr-Weils-Wellness-Therapies.htm The Trager Approach provides profound relief for many problems that occur with our bodies.  Dr. Weil recommends it as a tool for rehabilitation, especially after sports injuries or neurological events. He has also seen it work for people with back and leg problems such as sciatica as well as for people with breathing issues like asthma and emphysema.

My own recent episode with sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and legs began when I returned from a walking tour of Ireland last summer.  I went with 3 good friends, and we walked The Beara Way (beautiful Ireland pictures here) for a little over a week.  I did not have problems during that time period, and everyday I was stronger. We walked anywhere from 6-12 miles a day, going village to village and slept in B&B's at night.  Call me and I will be happy to share!

Irelandjudy-024The problems started for me when I tried to sit on the plane for 8 hours coming home.  I could not sit for more that 2 hours without the pain worsening and forcing me out of my seat, and looking back I can say that after being so loose, the sitting was not a good idea!  This continued for about 4 months, and I did all I could to keep moving During that time I had a help from friends including Rolfing trades, Yoga classes, Tui' Na, Massage and Trager exchanges. By January I was determined to resolve it.

I started a routine of gentle movements, Trager style, (the self-care kind I am teaching in this workshop series) for an hour in the morning a couple times a week, followed by a sitting meditation.   I had lost my ability to sit upright on the floor without pain.  I was surprised how quickly I lost my flexibility!  My body had been compensating for the pain by my muscles shortening in response.  No one would have noticed this if they were not trained to see it.  I was still working, taking walks etc...but my sitting posture told the story.  I used props to support my knees, and sat for 5 minutes at a time, each session adding minutes.  Using my breath, I expanded the length of my spine little by little, and after a few months of this, I improved.  I contue to sit regularly on the floor, and move with ever more expanded range and depth.  A regular practice is the key, and soon will be outside more, swimming, biking and backpacking to strengthen further.

015One of the amazing things about body work is that everytime I go through a healing process, I am nore equipped to help others with the same issue.  First it was year of learning about my shoulders that I had hurt in a diving accident. Then I had to reolve my neck issues~ "I am not my mothers's neck ! " . Then old ankle injuries, and a new injury that occured, and on and on.  Interestingly, as these things resolve, clients come with the same issues, and my repertoire helps me to know just what to suggest for others.

Read what Dr. Weil has to say, then let's have a talk!

I have 2 more Free Trager Intros after today.  A simple email will register you for April 26 or May 10 class.  Have fun! Judy