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Self Care is Health Care


The universe is expanding, and so are we!  Or if not, why not?  A symptom of a lack of expansion in your life may be pain or tension in the body/mind.  A natural state of health is to follow the movement or principles of the universe. Better known as "Natural Law" , these simple ideas are rules to live by. Here are a few off the top of my head.

Honor diversity: A lack of diversity allows the predator/prey system to become unbalanced. For example, when reforestation occurs after a clear cut, pine trees in massive acreage are planted. No diversity there.  Soon the Japanese beetle (the ladybug that is orange instead of red) is everywhere, at an out of control reproduction rate that takes chemicals to battle. 

Community: No one is an island. Being a part of a community makes life a lot easier!  We do not live this life alone, so why not choose or create the type of community you want to be a part of?

Expansion: I no longer think of the universe singly, because scientists have discovered many!  So no whenever possible, I say MULTIVERSE, to reflect on the expansion of the universes...for example, a seed is planted, and turns into a flower or tree!  This is expansion.  An idea is created and it becomes a building! A baby is concieved and soon becomes an adult!  Let us support our own expansion, not work against it.

There are many other natural laws I could mention here, an for today my point is really to draw you attention to the expansion of the self through the transformative approaches I use.

 I realized during a session this am, that all human beings express the self emotionally just as far as it can physically, and vice versa.  It is not a new idea for me, and in all my sessions, (and in my own inner work) I wonder where the emotions are locked in the body.  Milton Trager said " I am convinced for every physical non-yielding condition there is a psychic counterpart in the unconscious mind, corresponding exactly to the degree of the physical manifestation."  I know this to be true as well.

Recently I called on a colleauge to help me in releasing a physical/emotional pattern that was inhibiting my success. I couldn't put my mind on it myself. I kept looping back into a repeating thought pattern that had me feeling stuck.  After I got to the core issue, and the statement that surrounded it, I felt my ribs soften and slide into a new place. I tend to hold them a little forward, and this I had noticed for the last year, as I have been strengthening my core.  This feeling of them releasing was directly tied up with a familial patters of not feeling good about success, because someone else my be affected by that. Perhaps they would feel bad because they were not doing enough???  This idea isn't working for me, it belonged to the last generation of my family.  Now I have let it go, and the benefit is instantly amazing!

 If this sounds familiar, it is. I work with many persons wanting to be more successful in their lives. The protection we build up in our minds moves into resistance at the core level, and is an unconscious holding pattern, that keeps us in a pattern.  Utilizing the desire to change, the willingness to let go into the unknown and the support of my peers, I have a way to move beyond the patterns and go for the present...the gift of the present.

I say thank you to all of it! The pain, the tension, the waking up, the release and the new excitement that comes into my tissue and my life as I move forward, feeling more happy and successful every day!  If you would like to be more joyful and successful in every area of you life, let's make it happen!