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Spring Detox Session

March 27th, 2010, 1-6 pm

spring-085Enjoy a day with Dr Jann and Judy as we create foods that sustain us in Spring, learn the essential components and purpose of a detox, and learn to care for our bellies through physical movement. Jann welcomes us to her home and beautiful kitchen overlooking a ravine in North Columbus.

BODY:  Spring is the perfect time to clean out the toxins. For the spring session, Judy will instruct you on the art of making crackers topped with various seeds, nuts, spices and herbs.  While snacking on homemade crackers and tea, you will listen to Dr Jann teach you about the biochemical detoxing properties of specific ingredients to make the perfect spring tonic.  You will learn to identify wild edible greens in your yard that can be added and that will contribute to the process.  While the crackers are baking,  Judy will lead you in Trager-inspired movement focusing on body awareness of the belly internally and externally.

SOUL:  We will learn about the plants that help us stay well in our backyard. Together we will prepare and enjoy the spring detoxing drink with our fresh crackers.  We will share our hopes and intentions for our bodies for this spring.

Class is limited to 10 persons.  Please register early to secure your space by sending $95 for the day to:

Jann Offutt, MD 6976 Constitution Pl, Cols, Oh 43235

BIO's for Jann and Judy

Jann Offutt M.D., board-certified in Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine, has been in practice in the Columbus area for over twenty years.   Rather than simply treating the symptoms, her practice focuses on correcting the cause of imbalances in the body that result in dis-ease.  Dr Offutt's goal of educating patients about their bodies and the mind/body connection allows patients to control their own health and create and maintain wellness of body and soul.  Her website www.drjoffutt.com describes the many healing modalities Dr. Offutt utilizes  in this process.

Judy Fasone RN has 15 years experience in nursing, with a scope of practice in addictions and mental health, public health, and home health.  Her private practice includes Trager, an integrative approach to wellness; business and health coaching; retreat facilitator; International seminar leader on ethics, earth connection and wisdom circles; movement educator; and music lessons. Judy focuses on empowering you, increasing your joy and improving health. SUMMER SESSION WILL CENTER AROUND GREENS AND MAKING PITAS FOR LIGHT AND HEALTHY SUMMER EATING.