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clip_imaFLOW = Freedom, Love, Order and Wisdom... In the process of creating an opening and closing event for our annual US Trager Association meeting, I sought internally and dreamt of some way to tie such a rich experience together, not really knowing which direction we would go, and what my personal contribution could really be.  In an energetic burst of creative energy, after 3 days with our Tutor group, I couldn't sleep, and the feeling of flow came through me...in all my limbs, my arms especially, and my hands, I felt a flow as never before, from our sharing and learning together.

That night I woke up with the word FLOW and the acronym that came from allowing my unconscious mind to guide me, getting out of the way of reason...I turned on the light and put them on paper.  I wrestled with the words my psyche had chosen, and made sense of them finally, floating in the ocean with 2 peers the next morning at sunrise, Dayton Beach, Florida. It fell into place with a movement exploration as we became stars in the universe that all came together as we re-created the "big bang" theory.   Here they are:

Freedom...when I am in the flow, life is exciting. I feel I am being authentic, and I have energy to be creative. I take in as much as I give out. I am refreshed and alive with ideas, time and abundance is all around me!  There is a freedom in our ability to empower others in this great work, The Trager Approach.  We share what we have learned. According to Erikson, a psychologist from the last century, in the middle adult stage of human development we become concerned with family and community. We also need to share what we have learned with each other.  This is a definate aspect of our training, according to Milton Trager and others, "we can only give what we have within ourselves" (paraphrased).  Freedom allows me the pleasure of being myself and sharing that with others!

Love...When I love what I do, what I am and where I am headed, the flow fills my life with awe-inspiring people, places and experiences I never imagined!  However, my imagination has grown incrementally, as I now manifest and choose most of my experiences, love to take risks, open myself to vulnerability, and even enjoy holding myself accountable!  My highest self has a voice now, and I am listening. This love is expansive...it rocks my world from time to time. I am amazed at this feeling that has been buried for so long in me.  When I am in the flow, love is felt at a deeper and is more consistantly in my state of awareness.  I open to receiving my clients in this way, and I open to my community, and share this expansive feeling with every being I come in contact with, people, animals, trees...makes no difference to me...Love is alive and I flow with it!

Order...this word caused me a lot of consternation, and I wanted to reject it because of it's history (within myself).  No other word stepped up to take it's place, so I went with it, and grew to understand it...I am grateful to release into the arms of order. Order gives me a container, a channel, a conduit to direct the flow of energy that surrounds me. My ideas, my life, my memories...my words my actions...where else would I put these things?  In order, they make sense. In order, there is a flow of direction, I can see patterns emerge, and change them if I do not like them any more.  In order, we have stability...without the structure and many systems that make our bodies up, we would still be in the sea swimming as an amoeba!  Think of that for a moment, let your mind take you to that very first stage before our cells started to divide, and divide and divide, and feel the rightness and the flow and order of it all...".Order shouldn't rule, but serve" Walter Graf, Swiss Trager Association Representative.

Wisdom...comes with age, and experience, although many are born into this world with it, and are lucky enough to have it be recognized and valued.  Other, like myself, must have many bumps and bruises and broken hearts to find the way to wisdom. My experiences lead me to the perfect clients, those that want to know what I know.  They see in me something they would like to learn. I beome a teacher, willing to share what I have learned... this reminds me of a line to a song by Nicklecreek  "where will a teacher go, anywhere there are people that want to know what she knows"...so yes, that wisdom is part of the flow, too. If we are not willing or afraid to share it, the flow is clogged...Everyone and everything becomes our teachers, our mirrors...appreciate and share your own wisdom and feel the flow.

So much for my opening, the closing was much the same, finding our star-like nature, vibrating at the speed in which we were comfortable with, and comparing that same movement with the way we approached it 3 days earlier in the opening...the flow had become a part of us, the energy was higher, the light brighter, in our eyes, in our world. Feel the Flow!