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Gee but it's great to be back home!

Hello from Columbus, Ohio!  I am back and in full swing, with a new position, teaching 2 half days in Hondros School of nursing, as well as 2 days at Whetstone Care Center.  Please take a look at my schedule if you would like to have a Trager session.  I am availalble on Tues, Thurs and Fri Afternoons now. I will be happy to see you on a Sat am if these times do not work.  Now for the rest of the story of my trip....

On the way back from Austria, I went to Munich, just in time for the Oktoberfest....we arrived 6 pm, taking the train from Salzburg it was a 2 hour ride and another hour to settle into our accomodations for the night.  A quick 7 block walk from the hotel, was the grand festival of all time..  The Oktoberfest was created for a wedding celebration in the 16th century.  The 2 week event led up to the wedding day.  Originally on the lawn of their estate, now it takes up at least 5 city blocks.  It is similar to a state fair, with rides that will turn your stomach, and shooting galleries, food and souvenir boots. 

By 6 pm, we encountered droves of people, coming in sober and leaving drunk enough to not see they were running into others.  There was not a beer to be had on the street, you had to be inside a beer hall.  If you didn't have a reservation, you had to get there at 10 am, and hold your place all day.  These halls held from 1,000 to 10,000 persons!  We looked in a couple windows to get the gist of it, and eventually figured it out by watching it on the hotel TV later that night.  Entertainment was planned at various stages all day, with game show activities, as well as full meals...I wonder how many sausages they grilled? 

The next day, I explored Munich with a friend and found myself in a gallery studying Rueben paintings, in one of the largest "Old Masters" collections in the world at the Alte Pinotech.  We walked to the center, and I decided this was a place I want to come back to and spend a week in, there is so much history here.  The city is very clean, and accessible with bus and bike tours, castles, as well as the darkness of Hitler's hometown.  so much to learn...

From Munich, I took a train south to Verona, through the mountains.  It was a beautiful ride, and took about 4 hours.  The fast trains (Eurostar) are very comfortable and clean, and have access to electrical hook up for computer usage.  If you are travelling in Europe, the trains are so easy and available.  I figured they are about $15 per hour/per trip on the average.  From Verona, it was an hour to Milan, where I flew out of the next day. 

For the last 5 years, I had been flying in and out of Milan, and the only thing I ever saw was the train station.  It is a huge central station, and every year they are reconstructing parts of it.  My friend Elvira, picked me up and I stayed with her overnight.  We went out for the evening, and for the first time, I found myself in the town center, exploring ancient churches, and the first ever indoor mall.  The fashion scene is quite rich there, literally, and vendors selling hot roasted chestnuts were on the street along with local musicians. 

Retruning via a 8 hour flight, to my planned class in Sterling, MA on The Heart of Ethics.  I was there for 6 days, and the class went well.  Transitioning to a conservative small town, with a small class, helped to ground me for my return to Columbus.  I arrived last Monday night, and took a week to slowly integrate back into my life here.

I am happy to see faces I know, and love.   Hope to see yours soon!  Judy