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Finally, I am up to date with a cell phone! Some of you may also know about my e-letter. You can sign up on the home page of my website.  I am sending out a letter, however imprecise that may be!  I do not have any intention of buying a microwave oven-it wouldn't do much for my fresh garden greens this time of year, anyway! Trager continues to expand my world incrementally. I returned to Nursing 2 years ago, and have been retrained in Transitional and Long Term care. Taking Trager into these settings has been subtle to be sure, yet profound.  The staff have received many mini-sessions in the hallways for back aches and sprains. The clients that I have been assigned to receive touch from me throughout the day, more that the usual amount they normally receive in this setting.  When I have time, in the late afternoon of a 12 hour shift, I may spend 15-30 minutes relieving pain, reducing edema or just helping someone reduce anxiety through this awesome approach to healing.

Out of this rekindling of love for my first chosen carreer blended with my second passion, the Trager approach, is born Alternative Plus Home Care. As acting director and case manager, I oversee elderly clients that want to stay in their home, as they age. I have hand-picked a team of strong women, both in spirit and alternative skills, that provide individualized care that is beyond the home health care system as we know it.  Music, art, movement, Trager, yoga, energy work, natural foods, gardening...you name it, we do it. The focus is on quality of life, and meeting the needs of the client where they are.  Trager principles come in very handy here!

With the deepest respect for our elderly population, I acknowledge the difficulty in preparing to leave this world.  There seems to be a gap between being retired and hospice. Many families do not plan for this event, it just happens. The relationships are not strong enough between parties, that would allow for a parent to come and live with the offspring in their homes.  Choices end up being forced, and into the Medicare systme that pays for long term care facilities, that do not have time for all that is desired.  I am filling that need with loving kindness and companionship in the home.

If you know anyone who would like a consultation, please let me know. I am accepting 2 new clients before August 30, 2009. I am also interested in hiring anyone that is drawn to this vision of helping our elders stay in their home that has a background in alternative disciplines.

Have a great summer!  More to come! Please sign up for the newsletter to keep up with the news and the latest training dates.  Judy