Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care

Heal Thyself!

I have been talking about Self Care as Health Care for a couple years now, and this past year I was challenged with many opportunities to do some major healing for myself.  Sciatic and low back problems, ear infections took a  lot of my attention.  The unraveling of any dis-order or dis-ease in your body takes time. There really are no quick fixes. Each time we are faced with a health challenge it is up to us to face it, with support when necessary, but to face it immediately means to overcome it sooner.  Keep in mind there is always a physical and psychological lesson tied to the problem.  Even the littlest of irritants can improve your life tremendously when healed from within. In our country, health care has become disease management, and with the use of drugs as a first line of treatment, many chronic illnesses have ensued.  By taking responsibility for our own health we will stay out of the vortex of the current system of care, and enter into living more fully.  Having discomfort temporarily is manageable. Colds. flu, and infectious processes that are simple to heal weigh us down with another irritant we have to deal with.  Many underlying stressors can put the previous list of problems over the top, and we do not know how to manage them because we may have postponed those behavior changes that have been so needed, and our immune function is sorely deprived.  Stress is really the silent killer.

Defense strategies:

veggie-public-domainFood is our best source for healing ourselves, in season, local and organic whenever possible. Eating warm, root vegetables in the winter, and lighter, fresher fare in the summer helps us maintain balance. Avoid under and overweight trends if possible.  Get help with this, if it is a chronic problem.

Supplements used temporarily to enhance our system may be needed when your symptoms are not budging. You may not be absorbing nutrients from your food properly because your hut is overwhelmed with the glue of gluten, dairy or fats that do not allow the proper intestinal absorption.  Medications under a physician's care as needed for short term relief.  Be wary of those who state "you will have to take this for the rest of your life". Medications are serious and become a toxin over time. We develop tolerance and think we can forget about the problem we are treated for.  Later, you will pay for this in the form of organ depletion and shutdown, medications that become no longer effective, and your doctor adding more meds to treat the side effects.  Be especially careful of medications used to treat mental health issues such as depression and long term pain management.

Movement and Exercise daily 20 minutes and  a 3-4 mile walk 3-4 times a week, or anything that takes us outdoors and increases our health rate for a period of time. Start small, and enjoy it! This is for the health of it, not a have to, a want to.  Move for a minimum of 10 minutes after each meal, and do not overeat.

Clean environment: internally and externally.  Eliminate dust, mold and dander to increase lung power. Internally, add probiotics to your diet to avoid taking anitibiotics when you have a problem.  Eat fermented foods daily.  Breathe deeply!

Assess your stress levels.  Signs of overstress are varied, but significant stress will start interrupting your sleep, blood pressure and irritability levels. You know yourself, are you in balance? Social isolation or too much stimulation as distraction may be a not so obvious sign.

Have a buddy agreement if you plan to make behavioral changes.  This will ensure your success.  Let me know how I can be of service!