Health and Wellness with Movement and Nutrition


Self Care is Health Care


Every year, and even every day we are offered a fresh start...when we wake up, millions of our cells have been regenerated, and even the cells in our cornea have been replaced totally in 24 hours. We can see with new eyes literally every day! What does this mean for you? For me, it means, I can trust in the process of regeneration. Not just on the cellular level, but on all levels. This allows me to feel supported in taking more risks, follow my heart with more conviction, and trust my needs will be provided for.

I do have certain responsibilities to be successful: Give back with free and discounted sessions where needed; give time and energy to others that do not have as much as I do; take care of whatever is in my path, whether it is a piece of trash that needs picking up, or consoling a stranger; being more conscious of our precious resources, staying open hearted in the midst of chaos. I do not have to go out of my way to be helpful...if it is in my path, I respond...I am responsible for what lies in front of me only. I understand the bigger work needs to be done in collaboration with others....

Holistic Health includes the spiritual aspects of our life. How do you feed your spirit?

If you want to rely less on the Health Care System, take less medication and feel better, assess every aspect of your life, set goals that are manageable, let go of what is not working (pain? bad relationship? dietary changes needed?) and spend your energy on what makes your heart sing! This is the way to health and longevity.