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I am back from 5 weeks in Europe, I have an incredible life...and have made some very generous friends all over the world through the Trager Community. I in turn, welcome all to come and stay with me and explore beautiful Ohio.  I am grateful! Ohio is beyond fall, but I did get to feel fall in Tuscany and Zurich this year. A little color remained in the 2 large maples in front of my apartment until the rains came and took the leaves down. The beauty of that was a thick carpet of bright yellow leaves on the front lawn for a few days.  Then the lawn vacuum sucked them all into a noisy contraption...bye, bye yellow carpet!


You may wonder how I spent my time....

When I landed, I headed for Campiglia Marritima on the Tuscan coast, and attended a 3 day Holistic Pathology Course with Christian Kramer, a colleague from the Trager community.   The village was about 15 miles from the sea, and we swam one afternoon, and took Monday off and enjoyed the water all day.  The Umbra trees were fantastic. Go to this site for a beautiful picture of the area:


Christian shared his own particular blend of Holistic practice with us, in the form of Chakras, Meridians, Homeopathic remedies he uses and a brief 2 hour Family Constellation, and how this all weaves into Trager.  I have some new tools to play with:

1) A chakra relations chart that includes the physical; glandular; hormones; theme/lesson; female and male chakra spin direction and the human cycles of development in chakra studies in the first through 98th year.

2) An Energy circulation chart-the organ clock from Chinese medicine, and corresponding emotional states that are healing during that time of day/night.

3) A chart of Holistic Odontology, Psycho Dental Interaction work of J. Edelmann a psychotherapist and dentist.  This is really fascinating. Another handout on the relationship between organs and teeth. Do you want to know what organ is related to your first molar? Having trouble with a certain tooth?

4) Questions  for a self -reflection for understanding your family and genetic lineage better.  In my experience, this leads to greater compassion for my self and others.

All of the above, I will explore with new and old friends and clients, if you are interested,  as a way to gather information about  health and well-being.  Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge in any of these subjects. We will simple educate ourselves further and see where that takes us.

I spent a lot of time writing in Italy, under the Title: Gratitude in Motion.  I will begin to put the offering in this blog, and some day make sense of it.   Watch for more about this and the rest of my journey in days to come.

I am open for business! Scheduling sessions at your convenience.

IMG_8634Remember the feeling!

Ciao for now, Judy