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Integrating skills

Today I was fortunate to be able to help someone loosen secretions in their chest with Trager and percussion...as a drummer and a nurse, percussion is an easy skill for me to use. The chest compressions and rocking we are taught to do in Trager is of great benefit for thisias well. The experience reminded me of when I did school nursing in a developmental center in Union County. There were children with Cerebral Palsy that needed percussion daily, and this was one of the services I provided as the the nurse. As a Practitioner, you bring lots of skills to your work. The Trager approach is a wonderful discipline that blends well with other approaches. If you feel another skill would be useful to help your client, use it. Be clear in communicating that this technique is not the Trager Approach, but you have this training, and thought it may be helpful. Your client will be clear when he/she describes your work to others. You are also respecting the guidelinnes and trademarks fo our organization.

If you feel another technique would be beneficial to your client and you do not have that skill, then refer them to someone you know. Referrals help us build our practice. Collaborating with a colleague allows us to expand our network, and creates a feeling of trust within your client.

I recently explored working together with a colleague that does Rolfing. We have been trading sessions for a long time. He appreciates the letting go aspect of Trager and I appreciate the structural awareness of his work. We thought of clients that may be willing to do both and found one. For 4 weeks, he was Rolfed and Tragered in the same week. This appeared to be very helpful, and both of us as practitioners felt it was speeding up the healing and education process.

If nothing else, we both have a deeper appreciation of each other's work, and understand our own limitations better. I also have experienced the feeling of how empowering it is to share resources (such as a client) and not be in a place of fear, that the person will leave, and not return. I truly want what is best for the client.

As we become more comfortable in our own bodies, we are able to let go of certain expectations and old patterns. In a business sense, we can really stifle our energy by operating from a place of fear and lack rather that a place of abundance and freedom. This is what we teach our clients, let's live it in our private practice.

As my clients leave my office, I have a sign on the wall that says "To all my clients, friends and colleagues, because of your referrals, my practice is growing! THANK YOU! "

And another thanks to all of you who continue to support me and my practice. Judy