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Introductory Workshops

Have you wanted to know a little more about the Trager Approach, but not sure if you want a session? I have been teaching introductory workshops for about 4 years now, and find that most folks thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together, creating space in their body and their lives in a new and relaxing way.

Intro Workshops can be of any length, and I have done a wide variety: two hours; a 4 week one hour series; a full day, and 2 days. Each group that comes together feels they come away with more freedom in their movement as well as the good feeling of a growing community that is interested in what Milton said he was doing: "creating peace in the world, one person at a time".

Peace is available to us at any time. It is a choice. We simply have to recall a peaceful moment in our life. Perhaps when you were holding a newborn, or watching a sunrise. That is the feeling I am talking about. Spend a day with me, finding and expanding this feeling through movement re-education. This is the Trager Approach.

The first part of the intro, your body awareness will increase with guided movement in the morning. By the afternoon, you are ready to give this feeling to others. After lunch in the format of al 1 or 2 day class, we set up massage tables, and try our "hand" at touching another with the intention of sharing this feeling. You will be amazed how you can continue to become even more peaceful as you interact with another. I am doubly blessed as I get a session everytime I receive one.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could do the work they really love? I am doing it! You can too! Think of the Trager Approach as a career move. I guarantee it will change your life, for the better.

Why not come to an intro. On my website, I have scheduled a one day event on March 11th, at my office, and a two day event at the Pittsburgh School of Massage in April. Watch for more updates. If you know a group of persons you would like me to present to, give me a call. There are many benefits to being a class organizer. Or come and get a session, to experience what this work really can do for you. Judy