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Self Care is Health Care


This week has been interesting, I am preparing to travel abroad for the month of September, to share what I have learned about being in business for myself as a Trager Practitioner, as well as take some time off with my friends and family.  I am aware that when my energy is not fully focued on my practice, my numbers go down.  It appears there is a direct correlation between how much energy I put into my desire to see clients and how much time I spend planning my time!  What is the balance for this?

 At the beginning of each week, I sit with my schedule, and circle the time slots of the sessions I want filled. For me that is  about 15 slots per week. Three a day is a good balance for paper play and sessions. I do not feel rushed, I have good focus for the persons that come in, and I can be creative without being under pressure around my finances and projects I am creating, such as classes I am developing.  I live simply, so this is a comfortable life I am creating for myself. I leave most weekends free, and am taking some self-development eveining classes...acting improv, which has loosened me up a lot!

In addition, I review my "to do" list, and prioritize what I will do with my time. I am involved with a networking group, and I also collaborate with others to get Trager out into the public eye. 

 How is your schedule? Are you comfortable? Does it feel hard, or a little too soft?  You can create what you want simply by imagining it.  Clearly, if you see the appointment book filling with names, it will. 

 I have recently discovered that balance is actually an illusion...we are never in a truly balanced position...how long can a person stand on a tightrope?  It may be a good idea to stay within our comfort range between busy/too busy.  Give ourselves a little slack, so to speak.  Last year in Mergozzo, Italy, some friends had put up a tightrope between two trees, and I had the chance to physically embrace balance. When the rope had too much or too little slack, it was much more difficult even impossible at times to stay balanced. The rope helped me realize the effect of outside influences on my balancing act. 

 At home, my tightrope becomes my life. If I spend an equal amount of time on my health, getting stronger, eating healthy foods, dealing with issues as they arrive, and creating my business, and having loads of fun, I feel fulfilled.  The awareness of balance takes the pressure off of me to perform or live up to expectations.

I am creating something that has never been done before : Living life my way!  There is no comparison!  If I have a gaping hole in my schedule in the summer...what are my options?  One is to go swimming and be grateful for the day off!

 Have fun, create a life that works for you, and share that with others! Now that's living!