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Self Care is Health Care

Let's Get Moving!

Milton Trager, MD, knew "Movement is the Way to Agelessness" and in fact authored a book by this title with Kathy Hammond. (It is available on the Trager.com website). If this is the truth, why do we slow down with age? The myth of old age in general is dissappearing for me. My body is much healthier that 10 years ago before I ever learned about Trager(tm) and other modalities. I am taller also! No kidding! After one week-long meeting, I had to raise my table up a notch! I have joined a ball room dancing class, and am dancing 1-2 times a week. Believe it or not, I met a great Uncle of mine for the first time in my life, at a dance at the Mennachor in downtown Columbus! He used to be the "King of the dance floor" according to one of his peers. What a surprise! For some reason, this side of the family was never mentioned...same last name...perhaps an old feud from the days in Sicily...

As I take responsibility for my own movement, I am encouraging my clients to find a way to increase their activity. This could be as simple as parking furthest away from the door, to using stairs, things we have heard for years. What if we looked at it differently and simply suggest adding a little spring to their step? By imagining we have springs in our joints, we create more flow in our body. We increase metabolism, and have greater access to ATP-the energy source in our cells.

Maybe they could add a new class of some kind...I also started learning Italian, so I now attend a weekly class, and am enjoying the company and joviality of learning in this way. Laughter also creates movement, and it is hilarious to pronounce words in a different language! By asking our clients a few simple questions, we find our so much about the movement patterns outsinde of the session...

Shake it up! What have you always wanted to do , but haven't yet? If not now when? Ask a friend to join you, if you'd rather not go it alone. Cheers! Judy