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Letting Go

There's a little bit of holding on, in the letting go...and if there is a master plan, it's not for us to know... This line from a song written by Annie Clark, says a lot of what I help my clients do in a session. I have been fortunate enough in my life to be able to utilize this important principle when I provide professional health and business consulting, teach music, give a Trager session or perform.

Having spent over 20 years developing myself professionally and personally, I experience the letting go as making room for what comes next. And I trust that what comes next will be even better and more exciting than what I had in mind.

Having goals that lead you in a direction are an important step. I encourage this deep process by working with individuals and organizations to create a seed circle. A seed circle is a beginning place. It starts with stating what you want as if it already has happened. We plant a seed of an idea, and nurture it fully until fruition.

Grandmother Tywla Nitch, a Seneca elder first introduced this concept to me. She said there were words that didn't work in her vocabulary and she had found replacements for.

One was the word "believe". She said it had a "lie" in the middle and to replace it with the word "know". I know something to be true is much stronger than I believe something to be true.

The next word was "hope". This word has a hole in it, according to Twylah, so it loses force or energy when it is used. Replace this word with "trust". I trust something will happen is much stronger that I hope it will happen.

The 3rd word is "pray". She reminded us when we "pray" we are asking for something, coming from a place of lack. If we change the feeling to a state of gratitude, we"praise" or are grateful for what has already been given to us. If we can imagine it is so, it will be!

These words are gifts from me to you. Let go of words that do not work for you. Change your language, watch your words. Treat them like the gifts they are. Sharing our own personal gifts with others, we end up with a common language of love through understanding. Let go of everything that is not adding to your feeling of joy in the world, and be ready for the magic to appear once again in your life.