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Self Care is Health Care

Love is a healing balm

Better than any ointment, love soothes and heals.  It must come from within, not from others, or from our pets, although that is nice. Loving ourselves is as easy as taking a good look in the mirror and saying out loud "I love MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAyou! No, I really mean it! I love you!  Don't turn away, stay there and listen to me: I love YOU!  You are all I hoped for and more than I could have imagined at this point!  You are awesome! You are beautiful!"

Not so easy though, is it? Our inner voice is often focused on criticism, not celebration.  Perhaps we rely on others to help us feel good about ourselves.  Serving others is commonly a way to feel good about ourselves.

Without a full cup of love, this continual giving to others leaves us depleted. Burnout leads to frustration, anger, depression and chronic illness.

Self care is necessary. Have a heart to heart talk with yourself and be kind not critical.

Love heals all wounds.