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Making Peace with Success

Yes, you can be financially successful as a Trager Practitioner! I am recieving calls about my teleclass (Starting Thurs eve 7-8, EST, Feb 16th) and those interested often wonder if they have the "right personality" to make a go of it. I say: "do what you love!" . I have had to overcome many barriers to being successful, most recently a layer peeled back regarding my family patterns...and my belief that they would never change. What is a pattern? Something created by years of unconscious actions..make this year the year you change this pattern ! Do patterns really change? Isn't this what the Trager Approach addresses with movement and touch??

Look at the pattern on the floor or in a carpet...it does stop eventually...when it reached an edge or a border of some kind. Or it may simply come to an end. SO BE IT....let your patterns change by recognizing them and replacing them with what you want. These patterns become ingrained much in the same way an addiction can. In order to change an addictive pattern, it must be replaced. What about replacing your fear with joy? How about dancing? How about a walk? How about a talk? Call anytime. 614-261-8194 Cheers! Judy